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13 Des 2010

part 2 Reuni

Shippuuden Guide: Season 2 (Episodes 27-52)
Yamato Season Two of the series debuted in Summer of 2007. The series would continue its manga based rescue Gaara arc.
The Music

Opening One: "Hero's Come Back!!" by nobodyknows+

Episodes: 001-030

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Two: "distance" by LONG SHOT PARTY

Episodes: 031-53

Closing Two: "Michi ~ to you all (Path ~ to you all)" by aluto

Episodes: 019-30

Closing Three: "Kimi monogatari (Your Story)" by little by little

Episodes: 031-041

Closing Four: "Mezamero! Yasei (Awaken! Wild)" by MATCHY with QUESTION?

Episodes: 042-53
The Story Arcs
Episode 001-032: Retrieve Gaara from Akatsuki (Cont.)

Episode 027: "Kanawanu yume ~ Granted Dream"

Airdate: 08/30/2007

Chiyo uses her antidote on Sakura. Sasori moves to stab Chiyo so she moves the parent puppets to embrace him, fatally piercing his core with swords. Sakura is near death. Chiyo reveals a resurrection jutsu which gives life to the dead in exchange for their own. She uses it on Sakura but lives because Sakura was not yet dead. We flashback to Chiyo learning of her son's death and Sasori building his parent puppets. Sasori offers that in ten days he was to meet a spy of his in Orochimaru's service and then dies. Elsewhere Kakashi reveals a new Sharingan.

Episode 028: "Yomigaeru juutachi ~ The Revived Beasts"

Airdate: 09/13/2007

Team Guy continue their fights and each is evenly matched against their doppleganger. Neji reports that Sakura and Chiyo won their battle. In the cave, Chiyo declines to return to Suna. Elsewhere Kakashi prepares to use his new Sharingan. Lee determines that to defeat their foes requires they be stronger than they were when they removed the seals. They go all out and finally finish off their dopplegangers.

Episode 029: "Kakashi kaigan! ~ Kakashi's Enlightenment!"

Airdate: 09/27/2007

Kakashi focuses his Mangekyou, which collapses space and sends Deidara's arm away. He focuses again giving Naruto the opportunity to strike Deidara's bird with Rasengan. Narutos takes the bird head and Gaara away. Team Guy, Sakura and Chiyo all rush to Kakashi and Naruto. Naruto sees Gaara's body and promises revenge. Deidara hides but Naruto strikes him to the ground. Clone Narutos hold Deidara while the original pummels him. Deidara escapes with a replacement and Naruto begins to grow feral with Kyuubi tails.

Episode 030: "Shunkan no bigaku ~ Instant Esthetics"

Airdate: 09/27/2007

Naruto grows two tails. Kakashi recalls Jiraiya giving him a seal to stop the transformation so he places it on Naruto's forehead. Naruto collapses and Sakura and Chiyo arrive. Deidara moves to escape but Team Guy stops him. They exchange attacks and Deidara retreats to the bird body. He ingests clay and focuses chakra to it. Neji yells to retreat as Deidara explodes. The explosion is sent away with Kakashi's Mangekyou. They take Gaara to a field and Naruto yells in sadness and frustration. Chiyo then moves to help Gaara.

Episode 031: "Keigareyuku mono ~ Those Who Inherit"

Airdate: 10/18/2007

Ninja rush through the forest as Chiyo uses her revival jutsu on Gaara. She is weak on chakra so Naruto lends his. Chiyo apologizes for her and her generation's actions and leaves things in the current generation's capable hands. Gaara's internalization gives way to reality as he sees dozens of Sand ninja around him. The Sand ninja rejoice while Temari and Kankurou check on Gaara. Naruto fails to realize Chiyo gave her life and is sad when he finds out. Gaara asks everyone to pray for Chiyo.

Episode 032: "Kazekage no kikan ~ Return of the Kazekage"

Airdate: 10/25/2007

Deidara emerges from the ground safe thanks to his exploding clone. In the cave Zetsu and Akatsuki recruit Tobi look for Sasori's ring. Suna welcomes Gaara's return. In Konoha, Tsunade receives a mission report. In Suna, Naruto and Sakura pay their respects at Chiyo's grave. Gaara uses his sand to lift Naruto's hand in a farewell handshake. Tobi finds Deidara's arm. An annoyed Deidara arrives and gets into a fight with Tobi. In Konoha, a man dubs a ninja "Sai" and states he'll be the new member of Team Kakashi.
Episode 033-053: Duplicity in the Grass Country

This arc introduces two new Team 7 members and shows the team's journey to the Grass Country to meet Sasori's spy.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 033: "Aratanaru taagetto ~ The New Target"

Airdate: 11/08/2007 Chapters covered: 282 pg. 1 - 283 pg. 15

Ninja go about their day in Konoha and the Leaf teams return. Kakashi rests in the hospital. Sakura requests to take Team Kakashi to meet Sasori's spy. Tsunade agrees and allows Naruto to find teammates. Naruto meets Shino, Kiba and Hinata and learns they already have a mission. Shikamaru says he can't help but Chouji volunteers. Shikamaru warns Chouji that he has a mission. Sai watches from afar and sends ink lions to attack the trio. Naruto rushes to confront Sai.

Episode 034: "Kessei! Shin Kakashi han ~ Formation! New Team Kakashi"

Airdate: 11/15/2007 Chapters covered: 283 pg. 16 - 284 pg. 17

Naruto locks weapons with Sai. The village advisors speak with Tsunade about prohibiting Naruto from going on missions involving Akatsuki. Tsunade says no, the Advisors relent on the condition they place a ninja on the team. Sai insults Naruto's manhood and retreats. Danzou, leader of ANBU Root, says one of his men will be on the team. Tsunade selects an ANBU member dubbed "Yamato" to fill in for Kakashi and asks him to watch the Root member. Sakura and Naruto meet their new teammates Yamato and Sai, who angers Naruto.

Episode 035: "Gadatensoku ~ Making an Unnecessary Addition"

Airdate: 11/22/2007 Chapters covered: 284 pg. 18 - 285 pg. 18

Sai insults both Naruto and Sakura. Jiraiya greets Kakashi at the hospital. Naruto and Sakura compare Sai to Sasuke. Sai prepares for the mission and receives secret orders from Danzou. He's reminded that ANBU Root show no emotion. Tsunade meets with Kakashi, Jiraiya and Yamato to discuss Naruto's Kyuubi-tails state. Danzou meets Tsunade to approve of her selecting Yamato. Tsunade explains Danzou's rivalry with the Third Hokage to Sakura. Team Kakashi meets at the gate and heads out.

Episode 036: "Itsuwari no egao ~ A Fake Smile"

Airdate: 11/29/2007 Chapters covered: 286 pg. 1 - 287 pg. 1

Sai calls Sasuke a traitor. In Konoha, Tsunade and Shizune discuss whether Sai and Naruto can get along. Sakura slugs Sai and tells him not to talk about Sasuke. She asks Sai why he keeps smiling. He explains how he read how smiles, even fake ones, defuse trouble. Yamato creates a wood prison and says they can either work out their problems inside or at a hot springs. Sakura is surprised Yamato uses Mokuton. The team rests at the hot springs and Yamato treats them to a big meal. In the morning Sakura spies Sai outside.

Episode 037: "Sabutaitoru mitei ~ Subtitle Undecided"

Airdate: 11/29/2007 Chapters covered: 287 pg. 2 - 288 pg. 4

Sakura learns Sai draws and asks why he doesn't name his work. Sai explains how he simply feels nothing about his work or his teammates. Sakura sees Sai's picture book and asks to see it. Sai says she can't, as it belonged to his brother. The team continues on and Yamato leads them into the forest. He explains how the meeting may be a trap and creates a large cabin out of wood to camp for the night. Yamato asks Sakura to describe Sasori so they'll be ready for the spy. Elsewhere the spy makes his way to the bridge.

Episode 038: "Mogi sentou kunren [Shimyureeshon] ~ Simulated Combat Training [Simulation]"

Airdate: 12/06/2007 Chapters covered: 288 pg. 4 - 289 pg. 9

Sai and Naruto watch the spy arrive and move to attack. Naruto goes alone against Yamato in the training exercise. Naruto makes foolish mistakes and Sai chides him. Naruto asks Sai if he knows what a comrade is and says he'll never be a Team Kakashi member. Naruto says he'd do anything to save a friend. Sakura says Sasuke was like a brother and asks if Sai felt the same about his brother. Sai explains that he has no emotions and his brother is already dead.

Episode 039: "Tenchikyou ~ Heaven and Earth Bridge"

Airdate: 12/13/2007 Chapters covered: 289 pg. 9 - 290 pg. 16

Sai uses ink rats to scout the area. Yamato transforms into Sasori and gets into character. "Sasori" meets the spy, who is revealed as Kabuto. Orochimaru watches the proceedings and then moves to attack Kabuto. Kabuto retreats to Sasori's side but then attacks Sasori. Yamato uses Mokuton to escape and Orochimaru recognizes him. Kabuto explains how he now is loyal to Orochimaru and how they planned to kill Sasori. Yamato calls his team to his aid. Orochimaru ponders aloud whether Naruto or Sasuke has grown stronger.

Episode 040: "Kyuubi kaihou!! ~ Kyuubi Unleashed!!"

Airdate: 12/20/2007 Chapters covered: 291 pg. 1 - 292 pg. 6

Naruto grows his fox cloak and swats Orochimaru into the forest. We flashback to Jiraiya explaining how the Kyuubi tails form when Naruto is angry and how the four-tailed form hurts his body. Tsunade explains Yamato will now lead Team 7 because he contains Shodai Hokage's genes, which allows him to control the Bijuu. Orochimaru reveals he experimented on children with Shodai's genes and that Yamato was the only survivor. Orochimaru speaks of Sasuke again and Naruto grows three tails in a violent rage.

Episode 041: "Gokuhi nimu sutaato ~ Secret Mission Start"

Airdate: 12/20/2007 Chapters covered: 292 pg. 7 - 293 pg. 16

Kabuto charges but is knocked back into Sakura by Naruto's chakra roar. The bridge is destroyed and an unconscious Sakura is about to fall. Naruto and Orochimaru move to the forest. Sakura falls and Sai jumps on an ink bird. He ignores her forcing Yamato to grab her with wood. Orochimaru disparages Naruto's power and he grows another tail. Naruto's skin peels and he screams, destroying the surrounding area. Yamato sends a clone to watch while Sai flies above. Naruto's transformation ends, revealing a four-tailed fox cloak.

Episode 042: "Orochimaru VS Jinchuuriki ~ Orochimaru VS Jinchuuriki"

Airdate: 01/10/2008 Chapters covered: 294 pg. 1 - 295 pg. 16

Orochimaru begins to attack with waves of snakes, which Naruto easily counters. Yamato and Sakura are amazed by the power and she worries for Naruto. Orochimaru is cut in two but rejoins his body. Kabuto discusses working for Sasori and learns he's dead from Sakura. Naruto expels spheres of chakra, which coalesce into a compressed chakra ball. He swallows the ball and emits it as a huge blast. Orochimaru barely deflects the blast and counters by skewering Naruto with an extended Kusanagi. Naruto is knocked back to the bridge.

Episode 043: "Sakura no namida ~ Sakura's Tears"

Airdate: 01/17/2008 Chapters covered: 296 pg. 1 - 297 pg. 2

Naruto shrugs off the attack. Sakura remembers Naruto's promises to her to save Sasuke and is saddened by his lengths. She rushes to help him. Orochimaru expels a new body and is in a weakened state. Sakura is injured and poisoned by one of Naruto's tails. Yamato restrains Naruto with wood. Kabuto heals Sakura so they can continue killing Akatsuki; he then escapes. Sai approaches Orochimaru with an offer from Danzou. Yamato utilizes Shodai's jutsu to end Naruto's four-tailed state. Orochimaru impales Sai with a sword.

Episode 044: "Tatakai no tenmatsu ~ Facts of the Fight"

Airdate: 01/24/2008 Chapters covered: 297 pg. 2 - 298 pg. 9

Orochimaru chastises Sai for using an ink clone. Naruto passes out, exhausted and injured. Sakura tries to heal Naruto. Yamato explains how he can control the Kyuubi. He reassures Sakura that she can do a lot for Naruto and that he knows she cares for him. Naruto wakens, unaware of what really happened. Sai presents Danzou's plan but Kabuto pins him, spilling his backpack. Orochimaru accepts the offer and the trio leave. Sakura and Naruto learn of Sai's betrayal. Sakura finds Sai's picture book he accidently left behind.

Episode 045: "Uragiri no hate ~ The Result of the Betrayal"

Airdate: 01/31/2008 Chapters covered: 298 pg. 10 - 299 pg. 6, 13-15

The group theorizes Danzou may plan to crush Konoha with Orochimaru. Orochimaru and Kabuto realize they are being followed, so they take action. Naruto collapses, still exhausted. Yamato says they can leave him, but Naruto refuses. Yamato's clone finds Sai hanging from a tree, dead. Sakura is still pained from the Kyuubi tail poisoning. Yamato's clone avoids booby traps and determines Sai's corpse is fake. Yamato reveals to Naruto that he hurt Sakura.

Episode 046: "Mikan no peeji ~ The Unfinished Page"

Airdate: 02/07/2008 Chapters covered: 299 pg. 7 - 300 pg. 14

Naruto is shocked and Yamato explains how he can suppress the Kyuubi. He states the Kyuubi isn't Naruto's real power; he can use his own strength to save Sasuke and protect Sakura. Kabuto cleans his medical tools and Sai sees his book is missing. Sakura looks through Sai's book and shows it to the others. It depicts Sai and his brother fighting enemies on opposite sides of the book, with them meeting in the middle. However, his brother is not drawn in. Orochimaru's group enters his compound and Sasuke chastises him for being late.

Episode 047: "Sennyuu! Dokuhebi no ajito ~ Infiltration! The Poisonous Snake's Hideout"

Airdate: 02/14/2008 Chapters covered: 300 pg. 14 - 302 pg. 10

Sasuke stuns Sai with his overwhelming presence. Sai states Naruto is still looking for him, but Sasuke brushes him off. Kabuto receives Danzou's files on the Hokage's ANBU. Team 7 arrives and Yamato has them swallow tracking seeds. Kabuto shows Sai to his room. Yamato creates an entrance hole and they sneak into the base. Sai summons further orders from Danzou. Kabuto returns to Sai's room to retrieve his forgotten files. Someone opens Sai's door.

Episode 048: "Tsunagari ~ Bonds"

Airdate: 02/28/2008 Chapters covered: 302 pg. 10 - 303 pg. 16

Team 7 confronts Sai and returns his book. Sai states his mission is to watch Orochimaru. He states he is an emotionless tool but Sakura doesn't believe it, saying his book shows otherwise. Yamato reveals Root practices a kill or be killed training method and that Sai probably killed his brother. Sai says no, he died of an illness. They were orphans and like real brothers. Kabuto finds Sai missing. Sai is bound and says it's useless. Naruto explains how he formed a strong bond with Sasuke and will do anything to save him, which moves Sai.

Episode 049: "Tsisetsuna mono ~ Important Person"

Airdate: 03/06/2008 Chapters covered: 304 pg. 1 - 304 pg. 12

Kabuto arrives to assist Sai. Naruto goes on the offensive but Kabuto easily defends himself. Naruto sends more clones, Yamato attacks with wood and Sakura moves to strike. All the attacks fail but it frees wasps. Kabuto takes out the wasps and frees Sai. Kabuto degrades Naruto and says Sasuke changed. Sai pins Kabuto, stating he changed too and that he wants to learn what bonds really are. Kabuto is subdued and reveals Sasuke's location. Team 7 enters the compound to find Sasuke and Naruto remembers their history together.

Episode 050: "Ehon ga kataru monogatari ~ The Picture Book Tells a Story"

Airdate: 03/13/2008 Chapters covered: 304 pg. 12 - 305 pg. 12

Kabuto talks with Yamato's clone and prepares to free himself. Team 7 continues to search. Naruto and Sai stop to rest. Sai tells Naruto he's like his brother. Sai remembers growing up with his brother. He then finishes his book. The book shows he and his brother happy and holding hands. Orochimaru appears and Naruto has Sai retreat to find Sasuke. Yamato and Sakura arrive but Orochimaru lets them live to kill more Akatsuki. They find Sai's secret orders from Danzou to kill Sasuke. Sai finds Sasuke in his room.

Episode 051: "Saikai ~ Reunion"

Airdate: 03/20/2008 Chapters covered: 305 pg. 13 - 307 pg. 8

Team 7 discusses Sai's real orders from Danzou. Sai asks Sasuke to return to Konoha, since he now wants to protect Naruto's bonds. Sasuke refuses and destroys his room, opening it to sky. Team 7 rushes to Sai. Sakura and Naruto find him and finally see Sasuke again. Sasuke greets them. The team learns Sai wanted to retrieve Sasuke from Orochimaru, all so he could learn to remember his feelings again. Sasuke says the only bond he has now is his bond of hatred for his brother.

Episode 052: "Uchiha no Chikara ~ Uchiha's Power"

Airdate: 03/20/2008 Chapters covered: 307 pg. 8 - 309 pg. 9

Naruto asks why did he not kill him after their last fight. Sasuke says he wanted to follow his own path but he will kill Naruto now. He moves to cut Naruto and Sai defends. Yamato tries to restrain Sasuke but he electrocutes them. The Yamato guarding Kabuto disperses. The Kyuubi offers Naruto power but he declines. Suddenly Sasuke himself is in the internal prison. The Kyuubi says Sasuke has a wicked chakra rivaling Uchiha Madara's. Sasuke supresses the Kyuubi and says he doesn't know that name. The Kyuubi warns Sasuke not to kill Naruto. Yamato moves to restrain Sasuke again but he escapes to the ledge above.

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