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12 Des 2010

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Shippuuden Guide: Season 1 (Episodes 1-26)
Yuura Season One of the renamed and renumbered series debuted in Winter of 2007. The series would finally end its long run of fillers and begin animating part two of the series. Kakashi Gaiden was delayed until a later time.
The Music

Opening One: "Hero's Come Back!!" by nobodyknows+

Episodes: 001-030

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing One: "Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)" by HOME MADE Kazoku (Family)

Episodes: 001-018

Closing Two: "Michi ~ to you all (Path ~ to you all)" by aluto

Episodes: 019-030
The Story Arcs
Episode 001-032: Retrieve Gaara from Akatsuki

This arc features Naruto's return to Konoha and Team 7 and Team Guy's attempt to retrieve Gaara from Akatsuki.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 001: "Kikyou ~ Homecoming"

Airdate: 02/15/2007

Team 7 races through Orochimaru's compound searching for Sasuke. The compound explodes and Naruto and Sakura see him. Sasuke moves to kill Naruto and reveals he can see Naruto's internal Kyuubi prison. We go back a month to the present and see the Konohamaru Corps as Genin on the "Capture Tora" mission Naruto went on. Naruto returns and greets Sakura and Konohamaru. Naruto goes to Tsunade's office and gives Kakashi the latest Icha Icha book.

Episode 002: "Akatsuki, shidou ~ Akatsuki, Action Begins"

Airdate: 02/15/2007

Naruto learns he's the only Konoha Rookie still a Genin and Gaara is Kazekage. Jiraiya speaks with Kakashi about Akatsuki and Sand ninja Yuura briefs the Suna advisory council about the group as well. Yuura is revealed as a brainwashed Akatsuki operative and he helps Akatsuki members Deidara and Sasori invade Suna. Kakashi has Naruto and Sakura take the bell test again.

Episode 003: "Shugyou no seika ~ Fruits of the Training"

Airdate: 02/22/2007

The bell test begins and Naruto and Sakura show their growth. Sasori and Deidara enter Suna and Deidara takes to the air on a clay bird. Naruto utilizes Kage Bunshin better and Sakura reveals super strength. Kakashi recalls the first bell test and exchanges attacks with them. Deidara takes out more Sand ninja. Kakashi uses a Genjutsu Sasuke to shake Naruto and Sakura but they easily see through it. Deidara lands and Gaara arrives to face him.

Episode 004: "Suna no jinchuuriki ~ Jinchuuriki of the Sand"

Airdate: 03/01/2007

Deidara and Gaara begin to exchange attacks while Suna watches on. Kakashi begins to unleash elemental Ninjutsu attacks. Naruto devises a plan to get the bells. Deidara flies over Suna and launches waves of exploding clay birds. Naruto and Sakura make their move, with Naruto threatening to spoil the latest Icha Icha book. Kakashi is forced to block his senses, allowing Naruto and Sakura to each take a bell. Gaara is forced to shield himself with a sand sphere and moves to surround his opponent in sand.

Episode 005: "Kazekage toshite...! ~ As the Kazekage...!"

Airdate: 03/15/2007

Deidara escapes unscathed and retreats from Gaara's attacks. Tsunade congratulates Naruto and Sakura and state they're now part of Team Kakashi. Gaara captures Deidara in his sand and crushes his arm. Deidara moves to use his most explosive clay. Kankurou thinks back to when Gaara sought to be more than a weapon like Naruto. To protect Suna as Kazekage and earn the villager's respect. Deidara sends his explosive bird towards the village and then activates it in a huge explosion.

Episode 006: "Noruma kuriaa ~ Assignment Clear"

Airdate: 03/29/2007

Naruto returns to Ichiraku and eats ramen with Iruka. Gaara protects Suna with a huge sand shield and Deidara explodes a bird near him. Deidara then activates some sand which he merged with his explosive clay. Naruto tells Iruka how his training went. In Suna, the blast destroys Gaara's sand sphere and weakens him. He moves to remove his giant sand shield and Suna ninja fire gigantic explosive arrows towards Deidara. Gaara passes out and Deidara captures him and flees the village.

Episode 007: "Shissoure Kankurou ~ Sprinting Kankurou"

Airdate: 03/29/2007

Kankurou chases them and is joined by Suna ninja. At a village gate they find dead ninja and booby traps, which go off exploding the cliffs. In Konoha, Naruto returns to his apartment and thinks about Team 7. Kankurou escapes harm and continues in pursuit. He sees multiple tracks and finds the right one. Baki has a bird dispatched to Konoha with word of the attack. Shikamaru escorts Temari out of the village and she returns to Suna. Kankurou catches up to the duo and summons his puppets. Sasori then moves to fight him one on one.

Episode 008: "Shutsugeki, Kakashi han ~ Excursion, Kakashi's Group"

Airdate: 04/12/2007

Konoha receives news from Suna. Kankurou attacks Sasori with his puppets. Tsunade assigns Team Kakashi to go and help Suna. Sasori easily avoids being hurt by all the attacks and stabs Kankurou with his tail. Temari feels an ill omen. Sasori reveals his identity to a shocked Kankurou. A toad messenger brings news to Jiraiya. Kankurou collapses from poisoning and secretly rips off a part of Sasori's clothing. Team Kakashi leaves Konoha and Jiraiya warns Naruto to not use a certain power.

Episode 009: "Jinchuuriki no namida ~ Jinchuuriki Tears"

Airdate: 04/12/2007

Suna rebuilds and finds Kankurou. Sasori tells Deidara he doesn't know where his Jinchuuriki is. Team Kakashi meets Temari. The group continues and Naruto rushes on furious and sad. He explains how he and Gaara both have demons inside and how they experienced loneliness. Kankurou tells Baki about Sasori so Baki consults the "Siblings". Sakura explains how she knows about Itachi, and that confronting Akatsuki may lead to Orochimaru and Sasuke. Baki finds the elder siblings and reveals to Chiyo that her grandson Sasori is alive.

Episode 010: "Fuuin Jutsu • Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin ~ Sealing Jutsu • Complete Nine Mystical Dragon Seal"

Airdate: 04/19/2007

Chiyo experiments to find a cure. Team Kakashi rests and then continues on. Chiyo states Tsunade might be able to help Kankurou. Deidara and Sasori reach the Akatsuki cave base. Projections of the other members gather to extract Shukaku. Tsunade mobilizes Team Guy to assist Team Kakashi. Team Kakashi waits out a sandstorm in a cave. They finally reach Suna and race to Kankurou's aid. Chiyo sees Kakashi and moves to attack.

Episode 011: "Iryou ninja no deshi ~ Apprentice of the Medical Ninja"

Airdate: 04/26/2007

Chiyo mistakes Kakashi for his father, Konoha's White Fang. Sakura examines Kankurou and begins to extract the poison. Kakashi explains who his father is. Sakura fully extracts the poison and Suna receives word Team Guy has been sent to help. Sakura works on an antidote. Kankurou reveals he has part of Sasori's mask so Kakashi summons his nin-dogs to track him. Sakura gives the antidote to Kankurou and he thinks over how Naruto changed Gaara's life.

Episode 012: "Inkyo babaa no ketsui ~ The Retired Old Woman's Determination"

Airdate: 05/03/2007

Pakkun locates Akatsuki's base. Chiyo retrieves two puppetry scrolls. Temari tells Kankurou she'll save Gaara but Baki orders her to stay. Chiyo declares she will go. Team Guy meets Pakkun. Team Kakashi heads out and talks about Akatsuki. Chiyo explains the bijuu, the tailed beasts in Naruto and Gaara. Zetsu watches Team Guy and tells the others. One member offers to go as he hasn't found his Jinchuuriki. Kisame and Itachi head out instead to confront them.

Episode 013: "Innen aimamieru ~ Destined Meeting"

Airdate: 05/10/2007

Guy fails to remember Kisame, who emits a tidal wave of water in return. Chiyo explains how to fight Sharingan. Kisame launches various wave attacks. Kakashi explains the drawbacks of Mangekyou usage. Team Guy begins to assault Kisame and they launch multiple attacks. Itachi uses a finger Genjutsu which traps Naruto and causes multiple Itachi's to appear. Guy gets Samehada away from Kisame. Kisame uses water clones to trap Neji, Lee and Tenten in water prisons.

Episode 014: "Naruto no seichou ~ Naruto's Growth"

Airdate: 05/17/2007

Samehada returns to Kisame so Guy withdraws his nunchaku. Naruto takes out the Itachis, which disperse into crows. Naruto remembers how Jiraiya explained Genjutsu. Jiraiya has Naruto focus his chakra to learn how to dispel an illusion. Guy is forced into the water and Kisame launches water sharks at him. Guy avoids the attacks and opens six celestial gates when all five sharks close in. Neji frees his teammates and Guy moves to attack Kisame. Elsewhere Naruto focuses his chakra to dispel the Genjutsu.

Episode 015: "Kakushi tama  nadzukete...! ~ Hidden Sphere, To Name It...!"

Airdate: 05/24/2007

Naruto's friends emerge from his body to highlight his failures. He is saved by Sakura and Chiyo. Itachi launches fire attacks and Kakashi responds with Raikiri. Kakashi uses mist but Itachi disperses it with a large fireball. Kakashi is captured by Itachi and hit with Genjutsu. Itachi learns it's a clone. Elsewhere Guy defeats Kisame with his secret technique. Naruto remembers how Jiraiya told him to make Rasengan his own. The clone pins Itachi and Naruto hits him with Oodama Rasengan. The teams see their fallen foes aren't who they seem.

Episode 016: "Jinchuuriki no himitsu ~ Secret of the Jinchuuriki"

Airdate: 05/31/2007

Chiyo learns "Itachi" was Yuura, a Sand ninja. She sends word back to Suna and explains the connection between the Jinchuuriki and Bijuu. Sakura becomes sad that Naruto would die if his Bijuu is removed and the teams continue on. Ebizou receives Chiyo's message and informs the Sand Council. The Council debates choosing a new Kazekage and Kankurou is furious that they may abandon his brother. The teams rest and elsewhere Temari and her squad patrol the border. Zetsu disposes of the faux Itachi and Kisame.

Episode 017: "Gaara shisu! ~ Gaara Dies!"

Airdate: 06/07/2007

Chiyo remember Sasori's youth and the teams finish their rest. Akatsuki continues the extraction. Deidara and Sasori prepare to face the Leaf. Elsewhere Temari and Matsuri discuss Gaara's abduction. Naruto thinks of how lonely Gaara was growing up. Kakashi tells Chiyo that Naruto holds the Kyuubi and identifies with Gaara. Chiyo regrets her and the older generation's actions. Gaara sees himself in a spectral plane and questions his existence. Akatsuki finishes and Gaara falls dead. The Leaf teams arrive outside the cave.

Episode 018: "Totsunyuu! Botan fukku entorii ~ Break in! Button Hook Entry"

Airdate: 06/21/2007

The teams determine a five seal barrier protects the cave. All five seals must be removed at the same time, so Team Guy offers to remove the four other seals. Akatsuki takes their leave while Sasori and Deidara remain behind. Guy tries to encourage his team and they move out. The Leaf ninja remove the seals and Sakura breaks the boulder blocking the entrance. Figures begin to emerge around the Team Guy members. Team Kakashi enters the cave and sees a fallen Gaara, which enrages Naruto.

Episode 019: "Torappu sadou! Guy han no ada ~ Trap Operation! Team Guy's Enemy"

Airdate: 07/05/2007

Duplicates of each Team Guy member emerge to fight the original. Naruto learns Gaara is dead. Team Guy sizes up their doubles and begin to attack. Naruto becomes furious when Sasori and Deidara debate art, so he hurls a giant shuriken which Sasori easily bats away. Deidara grabs Gaara with his clay bird and flees. Kakashi and Naruto give chase. Chiyo moves to face Sasori alone. He removes his cloak, revealing his weapon modified body.

Episode 020: "Hiruko VS futari no kunoichi ~ Hiruko VS the Two Kunoichi"

Airdate: 07/19/2007

Sasori reveals some of his puppets are made from humans. Chiyo and Sakura discuss the puppet he is currently in, Hiruko. They decide Sakura can use her strength to break its armor. They charge and Sasori launches poison needles. Outside Naruto tries to engage Deidara. Inside the kunoichi avoid the needles. Sakura charges and Sasori is unable to move his tail to defend. Outside Deidara states Akatsuki has captured and killed two Jinchuuriki so far. Inside Sakura smashes Hiruko, destroying it, forcing the real Sasori to jump out.

Episode 021: "Sasori no sugao ~ Sasori's True Face"

Airdate: 07/26/2007

Temari's team returns and meets Kankurou. Chiyo controls Sakura with chakra strings and stopped Hiruko's tail with them. She then sees Sasori youthful looks. Outside Deidara flees so Naruto and Kakashi follow. Team Guy continue their battles. Temari's team, Kankurou and Ebizou rush to help. They rest and Ebizou talks of the Third Kazekage. Sasori summons a puppet, the Third Kazekage. He reveals he was Orochimaru's partner and uses the Third to summon multiple arms. Sakura escapes but is then trapped in poison gas.

Episode 022: "Chiyo no oku no te ~ Chiyo's Inner Hand"

Airdate: 08/02/2007

Deidara launches attacks to try and stop Kakashi. Elsewhere Team Guy continue their fights. Sakura escapes the gas using an explosive note so Sasori launches kunai. Deidara continues to try and separate Kakashi from Naruto. In the cave, Chiyo summons two puppets modeled after Sasori's parents in defense. The two puppets face off against the Sandaime Kazekage puppet. Sasori then uses the Kazekage's "Satetsu" ability.

Episode 023: "'Chichi' to 'haha' ~ 'Father' and 'Mother'"

Airdate: 08/02/2007

Chiyo explains Satetsu and Sasori attacks. The father and mother puppet defend but become clogged and useless. We flashback to see Sasori's parents with their baby son. They then leave on a mission. A younger Chiyo hears of their death. A child Sasori then creates puppets in their form to comfort him. Sasori then forms huge Satetsu blocks. Sakura tells Chiyo to use her as a puppet. Sasori attacks with the blocks which Sakura avoids. She then slams one block with her strength, sending it crashing into the wall by Sasori.

Episode 024: "Sandaime Kazekage ~ Third Kazekage"

Airdate: 08/09/2007

Sasori continues to attack with the blocks. Elsewhere Kakashi states he can take down Deidara with preparation and Team Guy hears Sakura's battle. Chiyo is impressed with Sakura. Sakura remembers training under Tsunade and learning how to identify weaknesses. Sasori turns the blocks into a lattice of poisoned spikes. Sakura is cut and falls. Sasori sends the Sandaime puppet to finish her but Sakura quickly rises and smashes it to pieces.

Episode 025: "Sei to shi no sanpun kan ~ Between Life and Death in Three Minutes"

Airdate: 08/16/2007

Sakura explains how she made antidotes and has one left. Sasori can't believe his poison was nullified. Deidara sends clay grasshoppers to delay Kakashi. Chiyo hides her antidote. Kakashi avoids the grasshoppers and rejoins Naruto. He then explains how to combat Deidara. Sasori removes his cloak to show his puppet modified body and begins to attack with jets of fire.

Episode 026: "Juu ki VS kyaku ki ~ 10 Puppets VS 100 Puppets"

Airdate: 08/23/2007

Sasori uses up his fire and activates a jet of water. Sakura is impaled by Sasori's poisoned wire but she reels him in and punches him to pieces. He recombines and Chiyo uses her secret ten puppet technique. Sasori then summons his hundred puppets. The puppets battle and Sakura joins the fight. Chiyo is scratched by a poisoned blade. Sakura uses a sealing orb on Sasori but he leaves his old body for a new one. Sasori moves to stab Chiyo but Sakura jumps in the way

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