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13 Des 2010

part 4 find Sanbi(ekor 3)

Shippuuden Guide: Season 4 (Episodes 79-104)
Kakuzu Season Four of the series debuted in Fall of 2008. The series would finish out the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, then move on to a filler arc featuring some manga material.
The Music

Opening Four: "Closer" by Joe Inoue

Episodes: 078-102

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Five: "Hotaru no Hikari" by Ikimono-Gakari

Episodes: 103-128

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing Seven: "Long Kiss Good Bye" by Halcali

Episodes: 078-090

Closing Eight: "Bacchikoi!!!" by Dev Parade

Episodes: 091-102

Closing Nine: "Shinkokyuu (Deep Breath)" by Super Beaver

Episodes: 103-115
The Story Arcs
Episode 072-088: Elemental Training Continues

Episode 079: "Todokanu zekkyou ~ Unreachable Shout"

Airdate: 10/02/2008

Even beheaded, Hidan's head is still alive. Kakuzu quickly retrieves it and agrees to reattach Hidan's head with the black thread he extends from his body. He then begins to battle Izumo and Kotetsu and restrains them. Hidan charges, but Asuma dodges Hidan's 3-bladed scythe. As the blade returns to Hidan it impales him while he stands on his jutsu's religious symbol. Shikamaru remembers debating Asuma about strategy and tries to run to Asuma. Hidan then delivers Asuma a final fatal impaling through his jutsu. In Konoha, Kurenai notices a flower head fall from its stem.

Episode 080: "Saigo no ketoba ~ One's Last Words"

Airdate: 10/16/2008

Kurenai thinks of Asuma. Meanwhile, Asuma falls and Kakuzu blocks Shikamaru's charge. Hidan changes back to normal. Reinforcements arrive making the Akatsuki to pull back. Shikamaru plans Asuma's rescue, but Kakuzu doesn't want to leave his bounty. While Aoba and Kakuzu fight, the Akatsuki receive a message ordering them back to seal the Bijuu. Kakuzu and Hidan then disappear. Asuma lays dying and says his last words to Ino, Chouji and quietly tells Shikamaru who the king really is. They reflect on their time together as Team 10. Asuma asks for a final smoke and dies.

Episode 081: "Kanashike shirase ~ Sad News"

Airdate: 10/23/2008

As Naruto's training continues, one of the clones goes 3-tails so Yamato subdues it. Sai and Sakura watch from afar. He tricks her into revealing her feelings for Naruto. Naruto is inspired by Kakashi on how to handle the next stage of training. Meanwhile, Akatsuki seals the Nibi and discuss their true purpose. The village learns of Asuma’s death. Shikamaru insists on telling Kurenai personally. Naruto use two clones to train, one handling shape and the other handles nature manipulation. Yamato receives word and tells them of Asuma's death.

Episode 082: "Daijippan ~ Team 10"

Airdate: 10/30/2008

Shikamaru delivers the bad news to Kurenai. Everyone gathers for Asuma’s funeral, except for Shikamaru who hides his emotions. His father invites him to play shogi and antagonizes him to get him to emote. Shikamaru grows frustrated and finally lets everything out. Later that night, Shikamaru strategizes payback against Hidan and Kakuzu using his shogi board. He meets Chouji and Ino, and they visit Asuma's grave. As they prepare to head out, Tsunade allows them to face Akatsuki with Kakashi as captain.

Episode 083: "Taagetto • rokkuon ~ Target • Lock On"

Airdate: 11/06/2008

Tsunade is informed of Naruto's progress and gives him a day to finish, if not, another team will be sent to assist Team Asuma. Naruto is told of the time limit. Shikamaru lays out their strategy to Kakashi. Akatsuki finishes sealing the Nibi and Deidara warns Hidan and Kakuzu of Naruto. As the duo head through the forest, Team Asuma make their move. Shikamaru uses his shadow jutsu to bind them. As he moves Hidan to attack his partner, Kakuzu breaks free but is soon crushed by Chouji.

Episode 084: "Kakuzu no nouryoku ~ Kakuzu's Ability"

Airdate: 11/13/2008

Naruto’s training shows progress as Sai and Sakura watch. Yamato explains elemental vulnerabilities. Kakuzu shrugs off the attack, as he hardened his body using Doton. Kakashi then pierces Kakuzu with his Raikiri. Kakuzu is unfazed and releases masked tendril creatures from his back. One of the creatures then dies due to Kakashi’s attack. Hidan is freed and attacks Kakashi with Kakuzu. Kakuzu then attacks Team Asuma with Raiton, which Kakashi counters. Kakuzu then uses a Katon, which engulfs the area in flames.

Episode 085: "Osorubeki himitsu ~ The Terrible Secret"

Airdate: 11/20/2008

Team Asuma dodges the Katon, but Hidan tries to fight Kakashi. Team Asuma determine that Kakuzu has 5 hearts, which correspond to elemental affinity. Kakuzu explains each heart is from a shinobi he killed. Hidan mocks Asuma and offends Chouji. Kakashi fights Hidan while the rest fight Kakuzu. Team Asuma decide to divide up. Shikamaru binds Hidan and runs off with him into the forest, while the others face Kakuzu. Hidan frees himself, draws blood from Shikamaru and begins his jutsu. Kakuzu reveals he's fought the First Hokage. The Katon and Fuuton creatures then merge.

Episode 086: "Shikamaru no sai ~ Shikamaru's Genius"

Airdate: 12/04/2008

Kakashi tries to avoid the attacks, but Kakuzu pins him and tries to extract his heart. As Hidan impales himself, Kakuzu feels the effects. Shikamaru feigns injury but quickly uses his jutsu to restrain Hidan. He explains how they captured Kakuzu’s blood when Kakashi attacked him and used it against Hidan. Chouji smashes Kakuzu's creatures, but the Raiton mask merges with Kakuzu to revive him. The Katon and Fuuton also rejoin his body. He launches a Katon-Fuuton attack which is countered by the newly arrived Naruto and Yamato.

Episode 087: "Hito o norowaba ana futatsu ~ When He Was Cursed, You Dug Your Grave"

Airdate: 12/04/2008

Kakashi summons Pakkun to lead Sai and Sakura to Shikamaru. Sakura remembers when Shikamaru spoke with Asuma about the Will of Fire. Shikamaru shadow sews wire and explosive notes into Hidan and then reveals a pit below him. He reveals they’re in his clan territory and no one will find him. He feels Asuma’s presence passing on his Will of Fire and detonates Hidan. Naruto insists on fighting alone. He uses clones to analyze Kakuzu’s fighting style. He and the clones then form his new jutsu Rasen Shuriken.

Episode 088: "Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken! ~ Wind Element: Rasen Shuriken!"

Airdate: 12/11/2008

Naruto charges Kakuzu with Rasen Shuriken, while distracting with Kage Bunshin. Unfortunately it dissipates too soon, forcing the others to rescue Naruto. Kakashi considers fighting as a group but Naruto insists on going it alone to show his development. A dismembered Hidan lies in the pit, spiting Shikamaru. After declaring himself Hidan’s new god, Shikamaru buries Hidan's remains. Kakuzu prepares himself for Naruto's second attack and launches himself at the Naruto wielding the jutsu. To his surprise it poofs away and the real Naruto strikes Kakuzu with a third Rasen Shuriken, apparently ending the battle.
Episode 089-112: Find Sanbi

This filler arc focuses on the hunt for Sanbi, the Three-Tailed Bijuu. The arc was based around a core of manga material, but expanded it to include characters and battles not seen in the original events.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 089: "Chikara no daishou ~ The Cost of Power"

Airdate: 12/18/2008

Kakashi contemplates Naruto surpassing him and finishes off Kakuzu. After reporting to Tsunade, Shikamaru visits Asuma’s grave and notices Kurenai. He reflects on Asuma and resolves to help her with her unborn child. Later, while playing shogi with his father, Shikamaru reveals the “king” to be the unborn generation that will inherit Konoha. After performing an autopsy on Kakuzu, Tsunade realizes the brutal nature of the Rasen Shuriken and forbids its use lest Naruto lose the ability to mold chakra. Elsewhere, Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss the recent events. Kabuto is dispatched to find a woman named Guren.

Episode 090: "Shinobi no ketsui ~ Shinobi’s Determination"

Airdate: 12/25/2008

An injured ANBU sends a message before killing himself. Tsunade receives it and calls for Kakashi and a search team to investigate Orochimaru's remote hideout. Meanwhile Guren and Kabuto force prisoners to fight, with the survivors joining Guren's team.
Team Kakashi discuss recent events and Naruto's well-being. Konohamaru intercepts Naruto and shows off his new sexy jutsu. Jiraiya talks to Tsunade about recent events. He finds Naruto and suggests they train again. Kabuto talks to Orochimaru about the testing of a young boy named Yuukimaru. Kakashi's search team heads out and Naruto leaves to train.

Episode 091: "Hakken  Orochimaru no ajito ~ Discovery, Orochimaru's Secret Base"

Airdate: 01/08/2009

Kabuto leaves with Yuukimaru, who wonders where his home is. The prisoners who live join Guren. Naruto and Jiraiya arrive at a hot springs. The search team heads towards the hideout. Naruto asks Jiraiya if he's matured, Jiraiya acknowledges. The search team finds the hideout but it self-destructs. Shino sends insects to search. The surviving prisoners challenge Guren, but she crystallizes them. Five remain and vow loyalty. The search team finds the crystallized prisoners and insects, which shatter. Naruto begins collaboration Ninjutsu training with a toad he doesn't like, Gamariki. Elsewhere, Orochimaru orders Sasuke to test his growth.

Episode 092: "Deai ~ Encounter"

Airdate: 01/15/2009

Kabuto and Yuukimaru arrive at a lake. The boy is given a chakra pill, which draws out a creature. Pakkun delivers a crystal for analysis. Guren reports to Orochimaru. Naruto's training fails with Gamariki. With his arm healed, he summons Gamakichi and Gamatatsu and asks for their help.
Orochimaru tests Sasuke by having him face a thousand opponents, he defeats them but kills no one. Orochimaru talks to Guren about when they first met and needing her for a mission. Kabuto and Yuukimaru rest at the hot springs. Yuukimaru meets Naruto, who explains home is where someone thinks about you. Yuukimaru disappears. Gamakichi explains about connecting hearts.

Episode 093: "Kayoiau kokoro ~ Connecting Hearts"

Airdate: 01/22/2009

Naruto trains in synchronization with Gamatatsu. They rest and Jiraiya receives a message about Akatsuki. He tells the toads to look after Naruto and leaves. Pakkun arrives at Konoha and they analyze Shino's crystallized insect. Naruto is surprised Jiraiya left and heads to Konoha. Kabuto returns to Orochimaru with Yuukimaru, who sees Naruto from afar. The search team continues their investigation without Shino, who seeks crystallized bugs to defeat the Shouton user. Elsewhere, Guren's men wait and one, Rinji, scouts with bats using a whistle. Akamaru hears it. Naruto returns to Konoha and continues training.

Episode 094: "Ame hitoyo ~ A Night of Rain"

Airdate: 01/29/2009

Orochimaru orders Guren to protect Yuukimaru and she is offended. The henchmen notice they've been tracked. Shino recovers a pregnant bug that survived crystallization. Naruto comes into conflict with the toads as they can't use Suiton. Yuukimaru gets a fever. A storm starts; Guren finds shelter and treats the boy. Tsunade orders Yamato and his team to assist Kakashi but not tell Naruto of the mission. The storm interferes with the Leaf's search. They determine the enemy communicates with bats using high-pitch sounds. After a vague memory, Guren wakes to find Yuukimaru outside. She gives him a crystallized camellia that won't wither as long as she is alive.

Episode 095: "Futatsu no omamori ~ The Two Charms"

Airdate: 02/05/2009

Gamatatsu learns to use water attacks. Guren and Yuukimaru finally arrive. She orders her men to stop the Leaf. Naruto learns of the mission as Sai fails to lie. Shino rejoins the team and explains he needs to increase his insect's reproduction cycle. Kakashi's team continues their search. Naruto confronts Tsunade and he is allowed to join. Kakashi has an idea to avoid the bats using Kiba's nose. Yuukimaru doesn't want to Guren to leave as it reminds him of his mother. He gives Guren a necklace to remember him. Naruto trains more before he leaves. Kakashi's team finds the enemy.

Episode 096: "Miezaru teki ~ The Unseeing Enemy"

Airdate: 02/12/2009

Naruto’s training continues until Sakura comes to fetch him. Gozu engages in battle with Kakashi while the Leaf fight the henchmen in a smoke screen. Elsewhere, Guren plants crystals around the area. Kiba destroys trees to improve wind circulation and clear the smoke. About to give their final blow, the henchmen retreat in smoke, as Rinji detected they were surrounded by Shino bugs. Kakashi's fight ends in a draw. He rejoins the team and sees Hinata is injured from her battle. Guren spies on the Leaf, while Yuukimaru remembers his mother.

Episode 097: "Ranhansha no meikyuu ~ The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection"

Airdate: 02/19/2009

Results come back after analyzing Guren's crystal, which suggest that even body fluids can be crystallized. Yamato's team waits while Sai searches from the sky for Kakashi's team. Naruto meets Yuukimaru again, who reflects on what Naruto said about finding where one belongs. He then vanishes. Using the crystals she planted, Guren traps the search team in a crystal dome labyrinth. She and her clones then battle the Leaf. Hinata is imprisoned within crystal and held hostage. Naruto breaks through the labyrinth using his new collaboration Ninjutsu.

Episode 098: "Arawareta hyouteki ~ The Target Appears"

Airdate: 02/26/2009

After the barrier breaks, Yamato's team meets with Kakashi's. Naruto recklessly attacks Guren, who counters making his jutsu her own. The Leaf distracts Guren to rescue Hinata, and retreats. Pakkun returns and delivers the crystal analysis. Hinata is freed from the crystal and reveals she protected her body. The Leaf split into teams, one stays to heal Hinata, and the others search for the enemy. Guren's team arrives back at their hideout. Kabuto arrives, so they head for the lake and with more charka pills and a chakra device. Hooked into the system, Yuukimaru brings the Sanbi to the surface.

Episode 099: "Arekuruu bijuu ~ The Rampaging Tailed Beast"

Airdate: 03/05/2009

Yuukimaru's charka draws out the Sanbi. Elsewhere, Akatsuki's Deidara and Tobi rest after looking for the Sanbi. A fog forms, Naruto alerts the enemy of their arrival. The henchmen create a smoke screen. Naruto investigates the lake, while the rest enter the smoke. After Yuukimaru's power stops, Guren and Gozu try to contain the Sanbi. The remaining Leaf arrive and assist Kakashi's team. Naruto notices the Sanbi and Yuukimaru with the enemy. They retreat, but Guren tries to fight on. Yuukimaru tries to use his power to stop the Sanbi, but fails. The Bijuu releases a tsunami which sends everyone underwater. Guren rescues Yuukimaru with her last charka.

Episode 100: "Kiri no nakade ~ Inside the Mist"

Airdate: 03/12/2009

The Sanbi produces fog. Yuukimaru remains with an unconscious Guren. Gozu leaves his team to find Guren. Naruto thinks it’s his fault Yuukimaru's "home" is with Orochimaru's men. The fog thickens causing Naruto to fall into a Genjutsu until Kakashi arrives. Naruto explains what happened. The Leaf retreat from the fog and patrol the lake. Guren dreams of a woman's death, then wakes to Yuukimaru, who falls into a fever again. Pakkun is sent to Tsunade, who orders Shizune and a team to seal the Sanbi. Guren treats Yuukimaru, who tells her "home" is with her. After talking to Sakura, Naruto leaves his post and searches for Yuukimaru.

Episode 101: "Sorezore no omoi ~ Everyone's Feelings"

Airdate: 03/26/2009

Pakkun escorts Shizune's team to the lake. Yamato makes camp while Kakashi analyzes the situation and notices Naruto is missing. Kakashi summons Biscuit to find him. Guren is aware of Naruto's arrival and engages him in battle. Yuukimaru awakens to find them fighting. Naruto tells him that Guren isn't the one to return to, as she serves Orochimaru. Yuukimaru defends her. Gozu interferes, rescues them and retreats. The Leaf locate Naruto and head back to the base to find reinforcements have arrived. In a cave, Kabuto treats Yuukimaru's fever and discusses the Leaf.

Episode 102: "Saihensei! ~ Regroup!"

Airdate: 03/26/2009

The Leaf's Jounin discuss their situation and the boy who can control the Sanbi. Gozu questions Rinji's loyalty. Guren protects Yuukimaru after being threatened by Kabuto. Later, Rinji tells Kabuto he wants more than just to be his spy. Guren tells Yuukimaru to rest in the cave, then leaves. She considers how emotionally attached she is with him. Naruto talks with Kakashi about feelings. The Leaf decide to split into three teams, one to seal the Sanbi, one to fight Guren and the other to protect the sealing team. Both the enemy and the Leaf prepare to move as the fog clears.

Episode 103: "Kekkai Shihou Fuujin ~ The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier"

Airdate: 04/09/2009

The Leaf move into their positions. Shizune's team performs the sealing jutsu and head towards the lake. Shino needs time to finishes his insect's reproduction cycle. Gozu and Guren battle Kakashi's team. Rinji abandons his team while battling Yamato's, weakening the henchmen and allowing their defeat. Shino's insects finish their reproduction cycle and he prepares for battle.

Episode 104: "Shouton kuzushi ~ Breaking the Shouton"

Airdate: 04/09/2009

Deidara is still angry with Tobi as they go their separate ways. Guren's battle with the Leaf continues. Tobi encounters the lake and observes the sealing team. Shino finally enters the battle with his insects now immune to Guren’s Shouton. She performs her ultimate defense, which is now no match for Shino's insects. Gozu sacrifices himself for Guren as he intercepts Kakashi’s Raikiri. She then retreats. The teams split up to find Guren and act as defense. Shizune's team finds the Sanbi and slowly binds it. Rinji tries to interfere, but fails and disappears. Guren remembers that she killed Yuukimaru's mother. Kabuto uses it as blackmail to carry out his orders.

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