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13 Des 2010

part 3 New Duo Akatsuki

Shippuuden Guide: Season 3 (Episodes 53-78)
Chiriku Season Three of the series debuted in Spring of 2008. The series would start airing in widescreen with episode 54 and begin a filler arc which ran concurrent with manga material. The series then moved back into manga material.
The Music

Opening Two: "distance" by LONG SHOT PARTY

Episodes: 031-53

Opening Three: "Buruu Baado (Blue Bird)" by Ikimono-Gakari

Episodes: 054-077

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Four: "Closer" by Joe Inoue

Episodes: 078-102

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Closing Four: "Mezamero! Yasei (Awaken! Wild)" by MATCHY with QUESTION?

Episodes: 042-53

Closing Five: "Sunao na Niji (Obedient Rainbow)" by Surface

Episodes: 054-063

Closing Six: "Broken Youth" by NICO Touches the Walls

Episodes: 064-077

Closing Seven: "Long Kiss Good Bye" by Halcali

Episodes: 078-090
The Story Arcs
Episode 033-053: Duplicity in the Grass Country (Cont.)

Episode 053: "Taitoru ~ Title"

Airdate: 04/03/2008 Chapters covered: 309, 310

Sasuke says he will let Orochimaru take over his body if it helps his revenge. He moves to use a technique but Orochimaru stops him. Kabuto arrives and the trio leave. Naruto is pained at failing again. Sakura says they'll get stronger and try again. Sai says they still have time, and he'll help too. The team returns and gives their report to Tsunade. Jiraiya discusses the mission result with Kakashi. Yamato tells Tsunade of Danzou's actions. Danzou is wary of the changes in Sai. Sai returns to his apartment and is happy about his new bonds.

Episode 054-056: Elemental Training Begins

This arc focuses on Naruto learning his elemental affinity and developing a technique out of it. Filler material ran concurrent with manga material, eventually becoming an anime-only arc.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 054: "Akumu ~ Nightmare"

Airdate: 04/03/2008 Chapters covered: 311, 312
Naruto dreams of an attack on a temple. Sai reads friendship books at the library. He and Sakura join up with Naruto. Sai fails at giving Sakura a good nickname. They visit Kakashi at the hospital. Kakashi says he knows a training style perfect for Naruto, which will allow him to advance far in a short time. Team Asuma arrives and meet Sai. They go for barbeque while Asuma and Kakashi remain to discuss Akatsuki. Sai takes an opposite approach with his nickname for Ino, flattering her. Two individuals search a crypt in an abandoned temple but do not find their objective.

Episode 055: "Kaze ~ Whirlwind"

Airdate: 04/17/2008 Chapters covered: 314, 315, 316

Kakashi is discharged so he and Naruto head out to train. He explains chakra nature and shape manipulation. Naruto uses a special chakra paper to learn his elemental affinity, Wind. Yamato arrives and shows how he uses Earth and Water to create Wood. Kakashi reveals the special training involves Naruto's Tajuu Kage Bunshin. Clones return their learned knowledge upon dispersing. So a lot of clones can train, disperse and grant Naruto their experience. Naruto forms numerous clones and Kakashi has them attempt to cut leaves.

Episode 056: "Ugomeku ~ Wriggle"

Airdate: 04/24/2008 Chapters covered: 316, 317, 318

Naruto visits fellow Wind user Asuma for pointers. The clone disperses and the other Narutos learn the information. They train while Sai and Sakura arrive to watch. Tsunade learns of a border village attack and summons Team 10. Naruto manages to cut a leaf in two. Team 7 is sent on a mission so the training stops. Asuma remembers giving his team earrings as a present for becoming Chuunin. Naruto learns Asuma is the Third Hokage's son while elsewhere ninja discuss bringing an end to the corrupt Konoha for the Fire Country's sake.
Episode 057-071: The Twelve Elite Guardians Return

After the start of the manga material training, a new filler arc started focusing on the Twelve Elite Guardians. Former Guardian Furido sought to use the power within monk-in-training Sora to destroy Konoha and remake the country with the daimyou as the head figure.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 057: "Datsuwareta nemuri ~ Taking Away Eternal Sleep"

Airdate: 05/08/2008

Team 7 discusses why graves near the Fire Temple would be defiled. Four hidden tombs are the probable target of the robbers. The team arrives to meet Fire Country monks and splits up to search for them when they are late. Naruto finds an open hidden tomb, goes inside and finds the coffin stolen. He is confronted by a young monk and they do battle. The monk, Sora, uses Wind attacks. The others arrive to end the battle. The head monk Chiriku, leads them to the Fire Temple. Naruto recognizes it from his earlier dream.

Episode 058: "Kodoku ~ Loneliness"

Airdate: 05/08/2008

Chiriku says the crypts hold four former Twelve Ninja Guardians. He and Asuma were also in the group. The group split when half sought to end Konoha and use military power to help the Fire Country rule over the other nations. The coup failed and all but Asuma and Chiriku died. Naruto watches the monks and Sora train. He angers Sora and the two fight. Naruto sees how the monks are repulsed by Sora so he stops antagonizing him. He explains how people once saw him like that too. Sora says he needs his power to avenge his dead father. Elsewhere the remaining three coffins are stolen.

Episode 059: "Aratana teki ~ New Enemy"

Airdate: 05/15/2008

With threats everywhere, Tsunade has Danzou monitored. Chiriku leads Team 7 to the robber's escape route. They locate the coffins, which the enemy take underground. The enemy: Fuuka, Fuen and Fudou are lead by Furido. Team 7 and Sora are separated when Fudou summons cavernous mountains. Sora and Naruto locate Sakura. Naruto falls into a trap. Elsewhere Sai uses his ink to try and escape, but he is confronted by fellow artist Fuen. Fudou uses Earth jutsu against Yamato, who uses Wood in response. Sakura and Sora split up to look for Naruto. Naruto searches for an exit and finds Fuuka.

Episode 060: "Uitenpen ~ Shifts and Changes of Life"

Airdate: 05/22/2008

Fudou uses Earth Style attacks against Yamato. Yamato is buried and Fudou leaves, thinking him dead. Sora leaves Sakura, so she goes to find Naruto. Fuuka flirts with Naruto and says she wants to kiss him. She does but he disperses as a clone. Fuen looks on from above and tracks Sai. Sai falls into a trap but he's revealed as an ink clone. He sends ink tigers to attack and retreats. In Konoha, ANBU spy on Danzou. A giant venomous spider attacks Sakura. Sai arrives, takes it out but breaks his arm. Fuuka launches Fire, Earth, Water and Lightning attacks. Sora finds Furido.

Episode 061: "Sesshoku ~ Contact"

Airdate: 05/29/2008

Furido tries to bond with Sora, but he learns Furido's the enemy and they fight. Fuuka continues her elemental attacks against Naruto. Sakura heals Sai’s injuries. Sora tries to use his secret power but Furido neutralizes it. He states Sora should use his power to help him save the Fire Country. Sora senses Naruto in danger. Yamato, Sakura and Sai try to help Naruto, but are caught by Fudou’s Earth attack. Sora arrives to assist Naruto. Chiriku and the Fire Temple monks also arrive, forcing the enemy ninja to retreat. Chiriku says Sora should go to Konoha to assist Team 7 and see the outside world.

Episode 062: "Chiimumeito ~ Teammate"

Airdate: 06/05/2008

Asuma reports to Tsunade about the border village attacks. Tsunade explains how some of the Twelve Guardians wanted a military dictatorship under the Daimyou, which caused the group to split. The four corpses stolen were members who sided with Asuma and Chiriku. Sora replaces Sai on Team Kakashi on a temporary basis. Sora explains how he barely remembers his father and butts heads with Naruto's friends. Asuma breaks up the melee. He explains to Sora how his father Kazuma, a former Guardian, died for his beliefs. The four invaders attack the Kohaku clan compound in the Fire Country.

Episode 063: "Futatsu no gyoku ~ Two Kings"

Airdate: 06/19/2008

Yamato suggests Asuma help Sora and Naruto with their Wind training. Asuma explains how to focus their Wind chakra. Chiriku sends word to Tsunade and Yamato that Sora is Kazuma's son. He reveals an attack happened on the Fire Temple 10 years previously, by a person covered in an evil chakra, Sora. They didn't know the cause and Sora was an outcast ever since. Sora reveals how he barely remembers his father and the rumors he was killed for trying a coup. Asuma gets Sora new chakra blade claws and remembers how he killed Kazuma. Furido confronts Sora and tells him Asuma killed his father.

Episode 064: "Shikkoku no noroshi ~ Jet Black Signal Fire"

Airdate: 07/03/2008

Danzou meets with a Rain ninja and is captured. Sora follows Asuma to the Hokage building. Tsunade interrogates Danzou. Sora listens in from above. The invaders sought both the corpses and Sora. Danzou states the boy is dangerous and should be killed. ANBU find Sora and he demands the truth. Asuma admits to killing Kazuma and Sora unleashes his wind claw. Naruto saves Sora from shuriken and the monk flees. Naruto dreams of Sora engulfed in an evil red chakra. Furido explains Kazuma's goals to Sora and of the country's two kings, the Daimyou and unnecessary Hokage. Sora tries to attack Tsunade and flees.

Episode 065: "Ankoku no sejou ~ The Locking Darkness"

Airdate: 07/03/2008

Naruto chases after Sora and the village power goes out. Tsunade orders ninja to the gates in defense. Asuma is sent to find Sora. The four invaders march towards the village entrance, destroying all in their path. Sora and Naruto begin to fight. Fuen summons four giant gates in each of the cardinal directions around Konoha. Tsunade orders Shikamaru to form a defense plan. The gates create a barrier around Konoha. Ebisu orders his team to escort the villagers to safety. Fudou generates Earth and corpses emerge to attack. Asuma finds Sora and the young man is shocked to learn the invaders plan to kill everyone.

Episode 066: "Yomigaeru tamashii ~ The Souls Revived from Hell"

Airdate: 07/10/2008

The corpses are members of the destroyed villages. Asuma rushes to the power plant and sees the four Guardian caskets. They open and the revived Guardians emerge. Sora tells Naruto that Asuma's father probably ordered Kazuma's death. Naruto says he understands loneliness. Fuuka confronts Naruto allowing Sora to escape. The Guardians plan to use their Lightning jutsu Limelight, and three leave. Asuma fights Kitane, leaving Sakura and Yamato to chase two of the Guardians. Fuuka strikes with elemental attacks. Yamato is stopped by Fudou and Fuen stops Sakura. Furido tells Sora that Konoha will be destroyed.

Episode 067: "Sorezore no shitou ~ Everyone's Struggle"

Airdate: 07/24/2008

Furido reveals his future plans for the Fire Country and how he resurrected the four guardians to destroy Konoha with their “Limelight” jutsu. Meanwhile, Konoha’s ninja forces are defending Konoha from the resurrected zombies. Shikamaru decides to join the fight with Tsunade’s permission. Naruto and Yamato fight their respective battles. Asuma becomes trapped within a technique of Kitane’s. Sora is beaten for refusing to join Furido. Sakura defeats Fuen, which releases the barrier surrounding Konoha. Naruto continues to have difficulty fighting Fuuka. Yamato defeats Fudou, which stops the zombies.

Episode 068: "Mezame no toki ~ Time of Awakening"

Airdate: 08/31/2008

The zombies disappear and the Leaf rejoice. They determine the Tensei jutsu was a distraction. Shikamaru gathers a search team to investigate. The guardians move into position for the Limelight technique. Furido continues to fight and chastise Sora. Meanwhile Naruto discovers Fuuka’s secret and defeats her. Furido tells Sora that he's a pseudo-Jinchuuriki, a host to leaked charka from the Kyuubi fifteen years ago. Asuma frees himself, finds Kitane and defeats him. Furido realizes his Limelight plan has failed, so he destroys the guardians. He then releases Sora's seal causing the Kyuubi's charka to emerge.

Episode 069: "Zetsubou ~ Despair"

Airdate: 08/31/2008

Shizune updates Tsunade on Konoha’s status. Meanwhile Naruto and Asuma find Furido and Sora, who is helpless under the Kyuubi’s power. Asuma realizes Furido is really Kazuma, who explains how he sealed the Kyuubi’s charka into his own son. Naruto realizes it was Sora who attacked the Fire Temple in his dream. He tries to battle Furido but fails. Sora enters into a one-tail Kyuubi mode. He attacks Naruto, who is saved by Asuma and Yamato. Sakura and Shikamaru's team arrive, while Asuma battles Furido. Naruto tells Sora that he himself is the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, but Sora loses control and forms three-tails.

Episode 070: "Kyoumei ~ Resonance"

Airdate: 08/07/2008

Sora loses consciousness as the Kyuubi takes over him. Yamato and Naruto attempt to calm Sora down with no success. Choji, Lee, and Kiba also fail in trying to subdue Sora. Furido and Asuma exchange a few words while fighting. Naruto again attempts to calm Sora, but notices that the Kyuubi’s chakra within himself surface. Yamato fails in his attempt to suppress the Kyuubi within Naruto. Sora slowly enters four-tail mode. Naruto enters halfway into the four-tail mode, but stops the transformation with his own will-power and he returns to normal.

Episode 071: "Tomoyo ~ Friends"

Airdate: 08/14/2008

Naruto is determined to suppress the Kyuubi within Sora, but he is beaten up by Sora in Kyuubi mode. Yamato confesses to the group that Naruto is the only one able to help Sora. Sai arrives to help Asuma, who kills Furido in a final bout. Sora begins to regain consciousness after hearing Naruto’s pleas. He expels the Kyuubi chakra and returns to normal. The group rejoices, accepting Sora as a friend. Konoha rebuilds and Sora leaves to travel and find his place in the world. Asuma and Shikamaru discuss matters during a game of shougi.
Two Akatsuki members are seen chasing a young woman, the Nibi Jinchuuriki.
Episode 072-088: Elemental Training Continues

This arc went back to canon material and introduced new Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. The arc also continued Naruto's Wind training.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 072: "Shinobiyoru kyoui ~ The Silently Approaching Threat"

Airdate: 08/21/2008

Asuma smokes in front of the Third's memorial and reflects on his father. He remembers his failure to understand who the "king" is. Villagers rebuild from the attack. Tsunade angrily reflects on a discussion with the village advisors about her decisions. She realizes it's only a matter of time before Akatsuki invade the country. Elsewhere, Yugito begins her battle with Hidan and Kakuzu by transforming into her bijuu, the Nibi cat. Despite unleashing destructive fireballs and attacks, she is effortlessly defeated. Hidan performs a ritual to his religion and they make plans to capture another target in the Fire Country.

Episode 073: "Akatsuki shinkou ~ Akatsuki's Invasion"

Airdate: 08/28/2008

Zetsu arrives and takes Yugito away. Naruto continues his training with Kakashi and Yamato and collapses after completing the step. Elsewhere Hidan and Kakuzu continue to seek out their target. In Konoha, Tsunade planns a course of attack on the Akatsuki. Naruto later awakens and moves to the next step of his training, cutting a waterfall in two with his wind chakra. Hidan and Kakuzu invade the Fire Temple and, after a short battle with Chiriku, kill the monks and leave with his body. After repeated failures to cut the waterfall, Yamato extends it to allow Naruto to utilize more Shadow Clones to complete the task.

Episode 074: "Hoshizora no motode ~ Under the Starry Sky"

Airdate: 09/04/2008

Naruto makes little progress. Elsewhere Hidan and Kakuzu bicker and continue their journey. Sakura arrives to watch Naruto train from afar and converses with Sai. Naruto takes a break to accumulate all the experience he has gained but quickly resumes training. A surviving Fire Temple monk arrives to inform Konoha of the Akatsuki. Tsunade then organizes her new Ninju Shotai to track them down. Amongst the members are Asuma and Shikamaru, the former expressing shock over Chiruku’s death. Naruto, further motivated by Sasuke, continues his training during the night and finally splits the waterfall.

Episode 075: "Rousou no inori ~ The Elder Monk's Prayer"

Airdate: 09/11/2008

Members of the Ninju Shotai begin to seek out the two Akatsuki members with no results. Team Asuma (Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo, and Kotetsu) arrives at the destroyed Fire Temple. An elder monk offers a prayer for the platoon to secure their safety against the Akatsuki during which, Asuma reflects on his time with Chiruku. The elder monk then expresses his concern for Asuma since he is also a former Guardian, to which Asuma responds by revealing that his bounty is worth more than Chiruku’s. After some crazy misadventures at the Ichiraku ramen bar, Kakashi reveals to Naruto that he can use Rasengan too.

Episode 076: "Tsuginaru suteppu ~ The Next Step"

Airdate: 09/25/2008

Kakashi explains the Fourth Hokage’s goal for the Rasengan, to combine chakra nature and form manipulation. Both he and Kakashi failed however. Noticing Shikamaru’s disturbance for his out of character behavior, Asuma expresses his concerns about Akatsuki. Back in Konoha, Naruto attempts to combine the Rasengan with his wind chakra with little to no success. Hidan and Kakuzu drop Chiriku's body off at a bounty station. Naruto's determination eventually causes the Kyuubi’s chakra to come out, which is suppressed by Yamato. Outside the bounty station, a figure appears behind Hidan.

Episode 077: "Bougin ~ Bougin"

Airdate: 09/25/2008

Across the Fire Country, the Ninju Shotai continue their search. At the station, Asuma immediately engages Hidan in battle. Shikamrau restricts Hidan’s movements with his shadow while Izumo and Kotetsu impale him with large kunai. They are taken by surprise when Hidan shrugs off the supposedly fatal injuries. Kakuzu then appears and frees Hidan, who insists on fighting alone and proceeds to draw a symbol on the ground with his blood. Asuma decides to take on Hidan with Shikamaru as back up. Hidan draws blood from Asuma, ingests it and is then immediately engulfed in Asuma’s fire ninjutsu.

Episode 078: "Kudasareta sabaki ~ Given Judgment"

Airdate: 10/02/2008

As the ashes clear, both Hidan and Asuma bear burns. Hidan explains that Asuma has fallen under his curse and further demonstrates by stabbing his own leg causing Asuma to suffer as well. He then attempts to finish off Asuma but is stopped by Shikamaru’s shadow. Shikamaru analyzes all of Hidan’s actions throughout their encounter and discovers the source of Hidan’s curse, Asuma’s blood and the ground symbol. He forces Hidan out of the symbol allowing Asuma to test the curse. When nothing happens, Shikamau impales Hidan with his Kage Nui jutsu enabling Asuma to decapitate him

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