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13 Des 2010

part 6 pembalasan dendam sasuke

Shippuuden Guide: Season 6 (Episodes 131-156)
Itachi Season Six of the series debuted in Fall of 2009. The series would finish out the Jiraiya VS Pain arc and begin the Itachi VS Sasuke battle.
The Music

Opening Six: "Sign" by Flow

Episodes: 129-153

Opening Seven: "Toumei datta sekai (The World That was Transparent)" by Hata Motohiro

Episodes: 154-179

Closing Twelve: "For You" by AZU

Episodes: 142-153

Closing Thirteen: "Jitensha (Bicycle)" by Ore Ska Band

Episodes: 154-166
The Story Arcs
Episode 127-133: Jiraiya's Prophecy (Cont.)

Episode 131: "Hatsudou! Sennin Moodo ~ Honored! Sage Mode"

Airdate: 10/15/2009

Jiraiya summons Gamaken and asks for time to enter Sennin Mode. Pain and his chameleon turn invisible. He summons dogs and battles Jiraiya. Jiraiya defeats them so Pain summons a bird. The bird pursues Jiraiya, but is defeated. Pain summons a rhino, which is also defeated. Jiraiya notices Pain is only using Kuchiyose. Pain summons a ram and Jiraiya dispatches Gamaken. The ram is defeated as Jiraiya enters Sennin Mode. The Sennin toads, Fukasaku and Shima, locate and defeat the chameleon. Pain then summons two other Rinnegan users.

Episode 132: "Pein Rikudou, kenzan ~ In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain"

Airdate: 10/22/2009

Jiraiya enters Sennin Mode and battles the three Rinnegan users. His attacks become nullified and he determines the trio’s eyes are linked. He hides himself until the Sennin toads can perform their singing Genjutsu. Jiraiya determines the trio are each limited to certain abilities. He attacks and traps the trio in Genjutsu. He says Nagato should have overcome his pain and offers his goodbye as he kills the trio. He is attacked by three more Rinnegan users which tears away his arm. The new Rinnegan users resurrect the others and proclaim themselves the Six Paths of Pain.

Episode 133: "Jiraiya gouketsu monogatari ~ The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant"

Airdate: 10/29/2009

Tsunade thinks of Jiraiya. Meanwhile, Jiraiya thinks one of the six is Yahiko and realizes Nagato isn't among them. They attack Jiraiya so he hides, taking one of the Pains into a frog barrier. Jiraiya kills the lone Pain after being impaled. He dispatches Shima and has her deliver the corpse to Konoha. He resurfaces and realizes the Pain bodies are people he encountered on his journeys. Jiraiya deduces Pain’s identity, but is quickly immobilized. Jiraiya reflects on his life, and carves a final message on Fukasaku's back before the toad disappears. Pain sends Jiraiya into the watery depths. The Sennin considers naming his next novel after Naruto and dies. Naruto halts himself during his search.
Episode 134-143: Facing Itachi

This arc focuses on Sasuke finally confronting his brother Itachi and learning the true nature of the Sharingan.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 134: "Utage e no izanai ~ Party Invitation"

Airdate: 11/05/2009

Pain tells Zetsu that he’ll capture the Kyuubi. Hebi grows worried of Sasuke. Naruto's clones notice the bird decoys. Sasuke encounters Itachi and recalls their last battle. Sasuke finds his brother is a clone and Itachi tells him to meet at a hideout. Hebi regroups and leaves. They encounter Naruto's clone, who is dispersed. Naruto leads the Leaf as he picks up on Sasuke's direction. Kisame halts Hebi and states that no one will interfere in the Uchiha's battle. Kisame and Suigetsu spar each other. Tobi stops the Leaf's pursuit and battles them. He keeps the Leaf from pursuing. Sasuke heads to the hideout.

Episode 135: "Nagaki toki no naka de... ~ The Longest Moment..."

Airdate: 11/19/2009

Itachi recalls his life before the massacre. The Uchiha clan accuse him of killing Uchiha Shisui. The young Itachi tells Sasuke of the Uchiha clan's hidden room and explains how to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Sasuke finally confronts Itachi and the brothers battle with Genjutsu. Sasuke impales his brother and Itachi reveals Uchiha Madara helped him in the massacre. Sasuke recalls hearing Madara’s name from the Kyuubi. Itachi mentions Madara was one of the founders of Konoha and the first to possess the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Episode 136: "Mangekyou Sharingan no hikari to yami ~ The Light and Dark of the Mangekyou Sharingan"

Airdate: 11/19/2009

Sasuke brushes off Itachi's illusion. Zetsu spies on the brothers. Itachi reveals abusing Mangekyou causes blindness. He reveals Madara was the first to tame the Kyuubi. Itachi shows Sasuke how Madara became the Uchiha leader and received his eternal Mangekyou. We see how the Uchiha joined the Senju clan to form Konoha. How Madara failingly fought for leadership, fled the village and later instigated the Kyuubi attack. Itachi explains how he plans to exceed Madara by taking Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke finds himself under Genjutsu and battles Itachi. Itachi pins Sasuke and starts extracting his brother's eye.

Episode 137: "Amaterasu ~ Amaterasu"

Airdate: 11/26/2009

Sasuke breaks the illusion and reflects the Tsukuyomi Genjutsu back on Itachi. Zetsu watches on from above. The brothers battle and take the fight outside. Sasuke launches a Katon and Itachi activates his Amaterasu. Sasuke escapes the black flames and enters his level two form. He emits giant Katon straight into the air but misses Itachi. The brothers finds themselves exhausted, but Sasuke reveals he didn't come this far unprepared.

Episode 138: "Shuuen ~ The End"

Airdate: 12/03/2009

Sasuke recalls his days after the massacre. Zetsu reveals Sasuke's last Katon were intended to alter the climate and generate thunder clouds. Sasuke unleashes Kirin from the sky against Itachi, but Itachi defends using Susanoo. Orochimaru emerges from Sasuke, because of his weakened state. Orochimaru battles Susanoo and is impaled by the Totsuka blade. The sword seals Orochimaru away, removing Sasuke's cursed seal. The weakened Itachi goes after Sasuke's eyes and whispers to his brother. Tapping his brother's forehead, he collapses and dies. Sasuke then collapses beside his brother.

Episode 139: "Tobi no nazo ~ The Mystery of Tobi"

Airdate: 12/10/2009

The Leaf battle Tobi with no luck. Shino attacks Tobi, but fails. Zetsu arrives and informs Tobi of Sasuke's victory. Kakashi notices Tobi's Sharingan. The Akatsuki duo leave and the Leaf continue on. Zetsu assures Tobi the battle was recorded and the duo take Itachi's body. The Leaf avoid the Amaterasu and reach the destroyed battleground. Zetsu informs Kisame and Hebi to regroup at their hideout. The Leaf find no trace of Sasuke. Sasuke wakes to Madara, who is suddenly struck by Sasuke's Amaterasu. Madara reveals Itachi implanted the Doujutsu in Sasuke to protect him from the elder Uchiha.

Episode 140: "Innen ~ Fate"

Airdate: 12/17/2009

Sasuke states disbelief, but listens to Madara's story. 80 years ago, clans were hired to fight for nations. The Uchiha and Senju clan were among the strongest. The two clans grew tired of war and formed a truce, but Madara grew skeptical. Nations were formed and war was halted. Hashirama was favored leader and Madara felt betrayed by his clan. He left the village, fought Hashirama and lost. Konoha’s rulers questioned the Uchiha clan's loyalty so they put them under surveillance. Uchiha Itachi was then asked to spy on his own clan.

Episode 141: "Shinjitsu ~ Truth"

Airdate: 12/24/2009

Madara explains how the clan rallied together with plans to revolt against Konoha. Itachi chose to protect the village over the Uchiha. The Leaf elders ordered Itachi to annihilate his clan. The Third Hokage sought a peaceful solution but he was overruled. Itachi told everyone involved to never tell Sasuke of the truth. Sasuke comes to fully understand his memories of his brother and realizes Itachi was protecting him all along. Sasuke tells Hebi they are now Taka and that they will destroy Konoha. Sasuke then activates his own Mangekyou Sharingan.

Episode 142: "Unraikyou no tatakai ~ Battle at Unraikyou"

Airdate: 01/07/2010

Finding no trace of Sasuke, the Leaf heads back to Konoha. Sasuke uncovers good memories of Itachi. Kisame learns Tobi is his former Mizukage. Sasuke plans to attack Konoha's elders. Madara offers Sasuke a Bijuu in exchange for working for Akatsuki. Madara orders Taka to capture the Hachibi. Zetsu and Madara discuss recent events. Taka dons Akatsuki robes and searches for the Hachibi in the Lighting Country. Taka finds the Hachibi Jinchuuriki, Killer Bee, and begin to battle him. Sasuke moves to battle Killer Bee directly.

Episode 143: "'Hachibi' tai 'Sasuke' ~ 'The Eight Tails' VS 'Sasuke'"

Airdate: 01/14/2010

Killer Bee battles Sasuke until he impales the Uchiha. Taka saves Sasuke and the group agrees to attack together. Bee tries to flee, but fails and taps into his Bijuu chakra. Sasuke puts Bee under Genjutsu, but Bee breaks the illusion by entering full beast mode. The Hachibi emits a chakra blast towards Taka, but Suigetsu protects his comrades. Sasuke uses Amaterasu and slices off a Bijuu tentacle to save Karin. The Hachibi is defeated and nearby Lighting ninja notices the battle. One leaves to report to Killer Bee's bother, the Raikage.
Episode 144-151: Rokubi and the Kinjutsu

This filler arc focuses on Team 7 assisting the Tsuchigumo Clan and the Bubble Ninjutsu using Rokubi Jinchuuriki against some Rogue ninja seeking the Tsuchigumo's powerful Kinjutsu. The arc uses a canon character, Utakata the Rokubi Jinchuuriki, even though he was long since captured off screen by this point in the manga. As a result, the anime conflicts with earlier dialogue to provide a means for this arc.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 144: "Fuuraibou ~ Wanderer"

Airdate: 01/21/2010

Utakata and Hotaru leave their fortress as bandits invade in search for Kinjutsu. Hotaru’s servant, Tonbei, sends them to her clan's village and contacts the Leaf. Tsunade receives word and explains the clan's Kinjutsu power. She orders Team Yamato to aid the clan. The bandits defeat Tonbei and leave. Team Yamato arrives and Sakura stays to heal Tonbei while the rest searches for Hotaru. Hotaru pleas for Utakata's mentoring, but he neglects the master/pupil bond. She remembers when they first met. The Leaf arrive and Utakata leaves the girl with them.

Episode 145: "Kinjutsu no keishousha ~ Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu"

Airdate: 01/28/2010

The bandits discuss plans with their leader. The Leaf convince Hotaru to accept their aid. Naruto explains his bond with Jiraiya to Hotaru. Utakata rests and remembers his time at the fortress. He recalls his master performing a Fuuinjutsu on him. He wakens to find the bandits and battles them. The Leaf and Hotaru arrive at the Tsuchigumo clan village and leave the girl to her uncle. Naruto decides to go back for her after seeing the wary glares the villagers gave Hotaru.

Episode 146: "Keishousha no omoi ~ The Successor’s Wish"

Airdate: 02/04/2010

Hotaru's uncle betrays his niece and lets the bandits ambush her. Hotaru escapes, but is quickly cornered until Utakata arrives. Naruto finds Hotaru gone so the Leaf searches for her. Utakata and Hotaru escape as the bandit leader arrives and reveals there’s a bounty on Utakata. Elsewhere, Hotaru reveals her secret to Utakata. Mist ANBU arrive and capture Hotaru. They restrain Utakata until the Leaf arrive.

Episode 147: "Nukenin no kako ~ Rogue Ninja’s Past"

Airdate: 02/11/2010

Utakata and the Leaf battle the Mist ANBU. The Leaf learn Utakata is a rogue ninja. Yamato and the ANBU leader Tsurugi agree to free Hotaru and delay pursuing Utakata until the Leaf's mission is over. Tsurugi pleas for Utakata to return to their village. Utakata has no desire to return and recalls his master betraying him. Tsurugi states there was misunderstanding, but Utakata disagrees. The ANBU leave and the Leaf head back to the fortress. Naruto reflects on his training. Hotaru grows ill and Naruto learns the Kinjutsu is embedded in her.

Episode 148: "Yami no koukeisha ~ Heir to Darkness"

Airdate: 02/18/2010

Naruto recalls his youth. The Leaf return to the fortress. Hotaru reveals she asked for the Kinjutsu and explains why. Tonbei decides to destroy the Kinjutsu by extracting it from Hotaru. She desires not to, so she can revive her clan's pride. Hotaru seeks the son of another clan member trained in the jutsu, Shiranami. Naruto agrees to look for him, not knowing he was the bandit leader. Tsunade receives word of Team Yamato’s progress. Utakata seeks answers from Tsurugi, but the Mist ANBU are killed by one of Pain's summons.

Episode 149: "Betsuri ~ Separation"

Airdate: 02/25/2010

Naruto finds Shiranami's home, but it is trap by the bandits. He tries to escape, but fails. Utakata battles the bandits and learns Shiranami’s true nature. He then rescues Naruto. Hotaru encounters Shiranami, but is quickly put under his control. They arrive at their clan's village, where its inhabitants are under Shiranami’s control. He attempts to unleash the Kinjutsu from Hotaru. Team Yamato notices Hotaru is gone so they search for her. Utakata recalls his time as a Mist ninja. He and the Leaf arrive at the village. Naruto and Utakata head for Hotaru while the Leaf battle the villagers.

Episode 150: "Kinjutsu hatsudou ~ The Kinjutsu Released"

Airdate: 03/01/2010

Shiranami activates the Kinjutsu and it starts collecting natural chakra. Utakata and Naruto locate Hotaru. The two are inflicted with Shiranami’s control jutsu, but they manage to break free. Yamato directs them to not hurt the villagers as his team tries isolating them. Shiranami reveals Hotaru is still under his will so Naruto and Utakata pull back. He then unleashes the Kinjutsu power.

Episode 151: "Shitei ~ Master and Student"

Airdate: 03/08/2010

Team Yamato notices the explosion and defeat the bandits. The Kinjutsu becomes unstable so Shiranami flees. Naruto chases and defeats him. Utakata connects with Hotaru and contains the explosion using his mysterious power. He finds the Kinjutsu now totally removed from Hotaru. Finding the mission complete, Team Yamato heads to Konoha. Naruto reflects on Jiraiya. Utakata leaves Hotaru in search of Tsurugi. Rikudou Pain encounters Utakata and reveals he knows the young man is the Rokubi Jinchuuriki. Pain defeats him while Hotaru reflects on Utakata.
Episode 152-: Sennin Training and Konoha's Destruction

Naruto learns of Jiraiya's death and the toads take him to Myouboku to undergo Sennin training. Back in Konoha, Rikudou Pain and Konan launch an assault against the village to find Naruto.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 152: "Hihou ~ Somber News"

Airdate: 03/25/2010

Akatsuki finishes sealing the Rokubi. Naruto remembers Itachi giving him some of the Uchiha's power. Sasuke delivers Bee to Madara, who recalls discussing Sasuke's true intensions. Sasuke reveals he will destroy Konoha himself. The Raikage receives word of his brother. Naruto is summoned and notices his team and toads in the Hokage's office. Naruto is told of Jiraiya's death and leaves angry. Fukasaku briefs them on his encounter with Pain and reveals Jiraiya's message on his back. Naruto remembers his time spent with Jiraiya.

Episode 153: "Shi no kage o otte ~ Following the Master’s Shadow"

Airdate: 03/25/2010

Naruto remembers his time with Jiraiya. Tsunade recalls her last day with him. Fukasaku reveals clues left by Jiraiya. Tsunade puts Shizune in charge autopsying the dead Pain. Tsunade orders Shikamaru to decipher Jiraiya's message. She then sorrows over Jiraiya's death. Iruka encounters the grieving Naruto and raises his spirits. Leaf cryptologist Shiho finds the message too esoteric. Kakashi is unable to help so Shikamaru confronts Naruto. They visit a pregnant Kurenai. Shikamaru tells Naruto to get over his sadness and become a great teacher like Jiraiya. Naruto then agrees to help Shikamaru.

Episode 154: "Angoukaidoku ~ Decryption"

Airdate: 04/08/2010

Tsunade recalls Fukasaku explaining Jiraiya's intent. Ibiki receives a toad with a Rain ninja inside to interrogate. Shizune begins the autopsy. The Leaf conclude the message was linked to Jiraiya's books, deciphered as "The real one isn't among them." Uncertain of the meaning, they ask Fukasaku, but he finds it to be vague. Naruto reveals he want to avenge Jiraiya and agrees to Sennin training under Fukasaku. The toad leaves Tsunade a messenger frog behind. Naruto bids farewell and is summoned to Mount Myouboku. After lunch, Fukasaku explains to Naruto how natural energy works.

Episode 155: "Daiichi no kadai ~ The First Challenge"

Airdate: 04/08/2010

Fukasaku explains how gathering natural energy requires sitting still. He shows how toad oil can help in the process. He then explains the dangers of balancing natural chakra with their own chakra. Akatsuki discuss their progress and Pain reveals he's headed to Konoha. Naruto uses Kage Bunshin in his training and achieves Sennin Mode. Akatsuki assembles to seal the Hachibi. Fukasaku gives Jiraiya's first novel to Naruto. Naruto reads it and recalls discussing hatred in the world with Jiraiya. During sealing, Akatsuki finds Bee to be a sliced tentacle.

Episode 156: "Shi o koeru toki ~ Surpassing the Master"

Airdate: 04/15/2010

Naruto trains to enter Sennin Mode without the oil. Fukasaku remembers training Jiraiya. Naruto masters Sennin Mode and begins Frog Kumite Taijutsu training. Elsewhere, Taka rehabilitates. Sasuke voices no desire for Madara's Bijuu offer and notices his vision becoming impaired. Karin senses Lighting ninja Jay nearby so Taka confronts him. The Raikage is updated on Jay's status. During the night, Naruto wanders off and trains. Lighting ninja find Taka gone and Jay dead. The Raikage sends Team Samui to acquire intel on Sasuke from the Hokage and to call a meeting of the Five Kages

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