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13 Des 2010

part 5 Jiraiya choice(pain vs jiraiya)

Shippuuden Guide: Season 5 (Episodes 105-130)
Yuukimaru Season Five of the series debuted in Summer of 2009. The series would finish out the Sanbi filler arc and move back into manga material.
The Music

Opening Five: "Hotaru no Hikari" by Ikimono-Gakari

Episodes: 103-128

Note: This Opening changed as the season progressed.

Opening Six: "Sign" by Flow

Episodes: 129-153

Closing Nine: "Shinkokyuu (Deep Breath)" by Super Beaver

Episodes: 103-115

Closing Ten: "My Answer" by Seamo

Episodes: 116-128

Closing Eleven: "Omae dattanda (It Was You)" by Kishidan

Episodes: 129-141
The Story Arcs
Episode 089-112: Find Sanbi (Cont.)

Episode 105: "Kekkai koubousen ~ Battle over the Barrier"

Airdate: 04/16/2009

Kabuto escorts Guren and Yuukimaru to the Sanbi. Kabuto gives her a second chance as she doesn't want the boy to use his power. Kakashi's team continues their search. The beaten henchmen return and rest. Guren distracts Lee and Ten Ten and disrupts the sealing process. Naruto saves Shizune's team from Rinji. The remaining Leaf head for the Sanbi. Tobi watches from afar. The sealing fails as the Sanbi makes it impossible to sustain it. The Sanbi emits chakra blasts sending everyone into retreat. As predicted by Orochimaru, Yuukimaru unleashes his full power to protect Guren from the Bijuu.

Episode 106: "Akai tsubaki ~ Red Camellia"

Airdate: 04/23/2009

Yuukimaru's power runs its course and Guren feels grateful. While the Sanbi attacks, Rinji arrives and secretly stabs Guren. Yuukimaru sees her blood turning her camellia outfit red, which reminds him of his mother's death. He uses his full power again after Rinji convinces him it will save Guren's life. Kakashi's team regroups and heads to Yuukimaru. Tobi searches for Deidara. Guren keeps Yuukimaru safe and goes after the Sanbi. Kakashi's team arrives. Naruto and Guren join forces to fight the beast, but fail and are swallowed whole. The Leaf then retrieve an unconscious Yuukimaru.

Episode 107: "Goetsudoushuu ~ Strange Bedfellows"

Airdate: 04/30/2009

The Leaf regroup with Yuukimaru. They plan a second sealing attempt. While the sealing team recovers, Kakashi orders a search for Naruto. The rest will treat and protect Yuukimaru. Naruto finds himself inside the Sanbi and notices an injured Guren. Rinji abandons his weakened teammates. Kabuto arrive seconds later and offers them the curse seal. Naruto treats Guren's wound and they work together to find an exit while being chase by miniature versions of Sanbi. He confesses to being the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki and she reveals her affection for Yuukimaru. Yuukimaru realizes their location and tells the Leaf.

Episode 108: "Tsubaki no michishirube ~ Guidepost of the Camellia"

Airdate: 05/07/2009

Kabuto and his men head for the Leaf's base. The Leaf decides to use Yuukimaru to find Naruto. Shizune's team remains on standby and the other Leaf are on guard onshore. Naruto uses his Kage Bunshin to try and find an exit with no luck. Lee, Kiba and Ten Ten battle the henchmen. Yuukimaru finds Naruto and Guren's location and uses camellias to help them escape. The fog reappears and Naruto hallucinates until Guren arrives. She explains about her past. Under water, Kakashi breaks the membrane protecting the Sanbi. Naruto and Guren see the flowers and escape.

Episode 109: "Juin no gyakushuu ~ Counterattack of the Curse Mark"

Airdate: 05/14/2009

The Leaf see no signs of the escape and attempt the sealing jutsu once more. Sai takes Yuukimaru to a safe place until the henchmen ambush him and retrieve the boy. They take the boy to Rinji and begin to experience side effects from the curse seals. Rinji uses Kabuto's medicine as blackmail for their loyalty. Kakashi receives word of Sai’s status. Lee, Kiba and Ten Ten recover and head for the lake, where they find a beaten Sai. Fog appears; the Leaf protect Shizune's team from the henchmen. Rinji convinces Yuukimaru to take all of Kabuto's medicine. Elsewhere, Naruto and Guren wake and head for Yuukimaru.

Episode 110: "Tsumi no Kiku ~ Memory of Guilt"

Airdate: 05/21/2009

Tsunade sends Katsuyu to give charka assistance to the sealing team. Naruto and Guren head towards Yuukimaru. Rinji encourages the boy to make the Sanbi go wild. The remaining Leaf remain ashore. Shino, Yamato and Kakashi defeat the henchmen and regroup with the others. The bodies of the henchmen begin to combine. Guren and Naruto arrive and stop Rinji from giving Yuukimaru more drugs. Rinji reveals Guren killed Yuukimaru’s mother, but the boy reveals he's not angry at her. He knows she is the one he can return to. Naruto engages Rinji in battle, which reveals Rinji was Kabuto in disguise.

Episode 111: "Kudakareta yakusoku ~ Shattered Promise"

Airdate: 05/28/2009

The combined henchmen begin to battle the Leaf. Kabuto explains Rinji's death. He and Naruto battle, while Guren and the boy leave. Kabuto intercepts them by summoning Rinji's corpse. Rinji uses bats to shatter Guren's Shouton. Guren pins the man and crystallizes herself with him. They then fall into the lake. An upset Yuukimaru unleashes his power. The Sanbi regains power and breaks free, obliterating the henchmen. Naruto tries to calm Yuukimaru but fails. The Sanbi runs rampant so Naruto summons the toads and uses a new fire collaboration jutsu to make it retreat; he then retrieves an unconscious Yuukimaru.

Episode 112: "Kaerubeki basho ~ Place to Return to"

Airdate: 06/04/2009

The Leaf watch over a now powerless Yuukimaru. Naruto blames himself for the boy’s problems. Tsunade orders them to return as ANBU will take over. Under water, Guren is saved by Gozu. While everyone sleeps, Yuukimaru leaves. Naruto goes to find him. He hears a grass whistle and finds Yuukimaru’s crystallized camellia. He then knows Yuukimaru is safe. ANBU arrive and the teams leave. An ill Orochimaru discusses recent events.
Tobi and Deidara make their move by destroying the ANBU and capturing the Sanbi. Naruto talks with Sakura about helping Sasuke find his place to return to.
Episode 113-118: Building Team Hebi

This arc focuses on Sasuke finishing his training under Orochimaru and undertaking his new mission to face his brother Itachi.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 113: "Daija no doukou ~ The Serpent's Pupil"

Airdate: 06/11/2009

Orochimaru recaps the last three years, then Kabuto leaves to retrieve more drugs. Tsunade checks on the ANBU's status at the lake. Sasuke trains by himself. Shizune informs Tsunade of the ANBU and Sanbi's disappearances. Sasuke attacks Orochimaru, as he has no need for him anymore. Sasuke recalls his clan’s massacre. Orochimaru reveals his true form and wraps Sasuke in snakes. Sasuke counters with his curse seal and enters level two form. Orochimaru then charges.

Episode 114: "Taka no hitomi ~ Eye of the Hawk"

Airdate: 06/18/2009

Sasuke dodges Orochimaru’s attacks. Orochimaru recalls his own life and his drive for eternal youth. He remembers his time in Akatsuki and his failed to attempt to steal Itachi's body. Though his snake form is sliced up, he begins the ritual in Sasuke. Kabuto returns and finds Sasuke. Assuming the ritual is over, he questions who now controls Sasuke. Sasuke then shows him how he countered and took over everything that Orochimaru was. Elsewhere, Leaf ninja notice a blood-colored sunset.

Episode 115: "Zabuza no daitou ~ Zabuza's Blade"

Airdate: 06/25/2009

Sasuke frees a prisoner named Suigetsu who can transform into water. He refuses to follow Sasuke, but agrees to only if he can retrieve Zabuza's sword. They travel to the Wave Country and Sasuke recalls Team 7's battle with Zabuza. They arrive at the grave and find the sword gone, so the duo search the country for info. They learn a man named Tenzen took the sword. Sasuke tests Suigetsu by having him attack Tenzen's heavily guarded castle. Suigetsu retrieves the sword and the duo leave the country. Elsewhere, a woman senses a chakra coming towards her.

Episode 116: "Teppeki no bannin ~ Guardian of the Iron Wall"

Airdate: 07/02/2009

While traveling to the southern hideout, Suigetsu talks to Sasuke about his intentions. They arrive and find Karin, who has the ability to sense charka and is the hideout's warden. Sasuke asks for her help, but she refuses. He orders Suigetsu to free the prisoners. Suigetsu frees them and asks that they spread the word of Sasuke killing Orochimaru. Meanwhile, Karin tries to flirt with Sasuke. She remembers when they first met. Suigetsu returns and Karin claims she is going the same direction they are. Elsewhere, a crazed man debates a choice based on a person’s gender.

Episode 117: "Kita ajito no Juugo ~ Juugo of the Northern Hideout"

Airdate: 07/09/2009

Sakura and Naruto are summoned to Tsunade. He and Jiraiya get reacquainted. Tsunade reveals Sasuke killed Orochimaru. Suigetsu talks about the northern hideout and a man name Juugo, the originator of the curse mark. Meanwhile, Juugo recalls an encounter with Kimimaro. They find the hideout overrun with escaped level two curse seal prisoners. Sasuke and Suigetsu fight them while Karin locates Juugo. She sends Suigetsu the wrong direction while she and Sasuke find Juugo. Juugo sets on killing a male. He sees Sasuke and attacks him in his level two form, Sasuke counters but wishes not to fight.

Episode 118: "Kessei! ~ Formation!"

Airdate: 07/09/2009

Juugo refuses Sasuke's help as he remembers his young murderous self. In his youth he learned to communicate with animals, but hid himself when feeling urges to kill. There he met Kimimaro, who invited him to serve Orochimaru. He and Kimimaro then become friends. Suigetsu arrives as Sasuke and Juugo fight throughout the hideout. Suigetsu intercedes in the battle, but Sasuke stops them. Juugo comes to his senses and confines himself. Seeing Kimimaro in Sasuke, he decides to join the group. Sasuke states they will go by Hebi or Snake. Now Naruto and Sasuke have a common mission: find Uchiha Itachi.
Episode 119-120: Kakashi Gaiden Special

This short two-episode special finally animates the Kakashi Gaiden. This special animates the six chapter manga series in the span of only two episodes, resulting in the most manga material ever covered in two Naruto episodes.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 119: "Kakashi Gaiden - Senjou no booizuraifu - Zenpen ~ Kakashi Chronicles - A Boy's Life on the Battlefield - Part 1"

Airdate: 07/30/2009

During the Third Great Shinobi War, Team Minato was dispatched to destroy a Grass Country bridge. Kakashi was awarded the rank of Jounin and his teammate Rin and sensei gave him gifts, while his other teammate Uchiha Obito neglects to. Kakashi and Obito butt heads while Rin attempts to make peace. After defeating a ninja from Hidden Rock, the team rests and Minato explains the sad past of Kakashi’s father to Obito. Later, Minato splits from the team as he is needed elsewhere. Rock ninjas attack the trio and capture Rin. While Kakashi has no desire to rescue her, Obito declares he won’t abandon his comrade.

Episode 120: "Kakashi Gaiden - Senjou no booizuraifu - Kouhen ~ Kakashi Chronicles - A Boy's Life on the Battlefield - Part 2"

Airdate: 07/30/2009

Minato arrives on the front lines. Kakashi reconsiders his decisions. The Rock discover Obito and attack, but he is saved by Kakashi who badly injures his eye. An emotional Obito awakens his Sharingan for the first time and kills the Rock ninja. After a battle with a Rock ninja in a cave, the duo frees Rin, but the enemy triggers a cave-in. Obito saves Kakashi and becomes crushed by a falling boulder. Realizing he's dying, Obito decides to give his Sharingan to Kakashi as a gift. With his new gift, Kakashi defeats the enemy ninja, but more Rock arrive who entomb Obito for good. An exhausted Kakashi is saved by Minato. The group then destroy the bridge to complete the mission.
Episode 121-126: Searching for Itachi

This arc focuses on Team Snake and two squads from Leaf searching for Uchiha Itachi. Before Sasuke can find Itachi, he is confronted by Deidara.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 121: "Ugokidasumonotachi ~ Assemble"

Airdate: 08/06/2009

Kisame returns to Itachi after capturing the Yonbi Jinchuuriki. The duo are summoned and learn of Orochimaru's death. Elsewhere, Hebi prepares for battle in an abandoned city. The Leaf discuss how to handle finding Itachi until Kakashi arrives and asks for time to prepare. Naruto joins Jiraiya for ramen. Akatsuki finishes sealing the Sanbi and Deidara grows envious of Sasuke’s killing of Orochimaru. Both Hebi and the Leaf head out to find Itachi.

Episode 122: "Tansaku ~ The Hunt"

Airdate: 08/13/2009

During their search, the Leaf decide to split up and be paired with Kakashi's nin dogs. Elsewhere, Hebi divides up to search a nearby town. Deidara looks for revenge and searches for Naruto or Sasuke. The nin dogs inform Sakura of Sasuke's scent as Karin walks by them. Kabuto encounters Naruto and reveals he absorbed a portion of Orochimaru's corpse. Now that flesh is slowly taking over Kabuto's body. Kabuto provides the group with information on Akatsuki and disappears. Akatsuki finds Sasuke and Deidara begins to battle him.

Episode 123: "Gekitotsu! ~ Clash!"

Airdate: 08/20/2009

Sasuke dodges Deidara's attacks. Deidara attacks using clay puppets which are quickly defeated. He creates his C2 Dragon and has Tobi secretly implant mines around Sasuke. Sasuke enters into his level two form and cuts off the dragon's wing. Sasuke retreats from the mine field before the dragon falls onto it causing a massive explosion. After escaping from the explosion, Deidara recalls his first meeting with Akatsuki. Deidara has Tobi flee the battle field as he creates a gigantic clay version of himself, the C4 Karura.

Episode 124: "Geijutsu ~ Art"

Airdate: 08/27/2009

Sasuke tries to flee from the C4 Karura explosion. Deidara watches Sasuke disintegrate from the inside out. He realizes he’s under Genjutsu and is struck by Sasuke's Chidori. Deidara use his past experience fighting Itachi to counter the Sharingan and trap Sasuke in clay. Sasuke escapes and charges at Deidara. Deidara finds himself alone, thinking he won the battle. He is soon struck by Sasuke, who reveals how he used Raiton to neutralize Deidara’s Doton based jutsu. Deidara then sacrifices himself to perform his ultimate art attack.

Episode 125: "Shoushitsu ~ Disappearance"

Airdate: 09/03/2009

Deidara’s gigantic blast is seen for miles around. Suigetsu summons Manda as he knows Sasuke used Kuchiyose to escape. Sasuke emerges from Genjutsu controlled Manda and the snake dies from his wounds. Meanwhile, Zetsu informs Akatsuki of Deidara's death and assumes Sasuke and Tobi are dead too. Itachi offers his doubts that Sasuke died. The Leaf regroup at site of the blast and Kiba senses Sasuke nearby. Hebi rests at an inn so Sasuke’s wounds can heal. Akatsuki leader Pain is summoned with his partner Konan to discuss their plans with the man known as Tobi, who reveals his true nature as Uchiha Madara.

Episode 126: "Tasogare ~ Twilight"

Airdate: 09/10/2009

Jiraiya informs Tsunade of the location of Akatsuki's leader and invites her out for a drink. Karin senses the pursuing Leaf and informs her team. Hebi leaves the area and Juugo uses birds to spread Sasuke scent. Kiba notices the scent moving and the Leaf separate with Naruto's clones. Itachi encounters Naruto and puts him under Genjutsu. Jiraiya reveals the leader lives in the Hidden Rain and that he will infiltrate the village alone. Naruto is confused by Itachi’s actions and the Uchiha soon leaves. Jiraiya reflects his years with Tsunade and heads out for Rain.
Episode 127-133: Jiraiya's Prophecy

This arc focuses on Jiraiya's early years and his hunt for the leader of Akatsuki.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 127: "Dokonjou ninden - Jiraiya ninpouchou - Zenpen ~ Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll - Part 1"

Airdate: 09/24/2009

During Jiraiya’s youth, he used Kuchiyose without a blood contract. The jutsu sent him to Mount Myouboku where he met the Elder Sage Toad, who predicted his arrival and later, his future. The "Pa" toad, Fukasaku, agrees to train Jiraiya until the Elder reveals his destiny. The Elder prophesizes to Jiraiya that he will find a pupil that will change the ninja world. Jiraiya travels the world looking for the pupil, but finds nothing but troubled ninjas. The outbreak of war halts Jiraiya's search, so he joins his old team to fight for Konoha.

Episode 128: "Dokonjou ninden - Jiraiya ninpouchou - Koupen ~ Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll - Part 2"

Airdate: 09/24/2009

Jiraiya's team battles with the Rain leader Hanzou. Hanzou declares them the “Sannin”. Hungry orphans Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan approach the Sannin and Jiraiya agrees to train them. Later, Jiraiya finds a Rock ninja who was killed in self defense by the Rinnegan user Nagato. Jiraiya believes Nagato is the prophesized pupil and offers to train them. After 3 years he completes their training and leaves. He returns to the ongoing war and receives word of the trio's death. The war ends and the Sannin discuss their future plans. Minato reads Jiraiya's latest novel and asks permission to name his unborn child Naruto, after main character.

Episode 129: "Sennyuu! Amegakure no Sato ~ Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain"

Airdate: 10/08/2009

Jiraiya infiltrates Hidden Rain and Pain takes notice. Jiraiya finds the village wary of Rain leader Hanzou's name. He learns the village is now run by Pain. Pain stops the rainfall and Konan searches the village. Jiraiya captures two Rain ninja and interrogates them inside a frog. Jiraiya discovers Pain killed Hanzou and his followers. Jiraiya recalls his battle with Hanzo. After Pain moves to rest in a chamber, another Rinnegan user rises to replace him.

Episode 130: "Kami to natta otoko ~ The Man Who Became God"

Airdate: 10/08/2009

Jiraiya summons the key toad and asks him to carry out his plans if anything happens. He suspects Uchiha Madara was behind the Kyuubi attack 16 years earlier. Jiraiya sends a frog to Ibiki. Konan informs Pain of Jiraiya's arrival. Konan attacks Jiraiya and he is shocked that she’s alive. He subdues her until Pain arrives. Jiraiya realizes Pain is Nagato. Konan leaves and Pain battles Jiraiya. Jiraiya captures Pain and Pain reveals his plans. Pain breaks free and the two battle with their summons

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